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I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing, but there was no way I was going to answer it. If my phone was waking me up and not my alarm clock it means only one thing, I’m late.

I’m always late. I don’t know what exactly is wrong with me but I can’t remember the last time I’ve been on time to work, and that day, a Friday in November, I was especially late

About an hour after I woke up(I live about 20 minutes away) I walked into Ms. Raquel’s two hours after opening to see Ms. Raquel herself, talking to Molly. When I passed by, Ms. Raquel turned and walked away, not seeming to notice me.

I wish she had. As I said before, given the circumstances of my job I almost never masturbate, but on those few occasions when I do, Ms. Raquel is usually on my mind. She is truly a thing of wonder. Her golden hair is almost always full and wavy, much like her incredible body, which was almost always put into a tight fitting dress that showed off her serious curves. Usually the dress showed no cleavage, but rather outlined her lovely bust which I estimated at some sort of D cup. Her skin is lightly tanned, her eyes blue, and her legs long. I could talk about her all day.

“What was that all about?” I inquired

“Oh umm,” Molly thought for a second as she pulled her beautiful straight red hair behind her ear, out of her face. “She was just sort of checking in on me.”

“Why?” I asked, puzzled.

“Beats me.” She said. She looked a little off. Like something was on her mind.

“Anyways,” she began anew, smiling at me, “You’re seriously late, Paula’s been here for twenty minutes. Oh and she has a surprise for you today.”

Paula, a rather, umm, sexually experienced college senior had been coming into Ms. Raquel’s for the last five months every Monday and Friday, and, in the process, had become one of my own and the store’s best customers.

As I slid open the door to changing room 10, and was about to apologize to Paula, but then I saw my surprise.

Inside the room, in the back left corner, sat Paula in the same high stool on which I first went down on her. She was wearing a heavy, dark brown fur coat that came down to her mid thigh and some fur boots. I assumed that she was wearing nothing underneath. This wasn’t what surprised me though. Paula was always dressed scandalously. What surprised me was that there a pretty blonde in the room standing next to her.

The blonde, who looked about Paula’s age, had a shy domineer about her. She stood next to the Paula, looking down at her feet holding her hands together in front of her. She was dressed conservatively, in a semi-tight red sweater that showed some cleavage(but was covered with a plaid scarf) and a gray skirt that came down too her knees with panty hose that covered, from what I could see in the mirror, was a nice, wide butt. She had hazel eyes with, plump cheeks, and a cute, slightly pointed, nose. Unlike Ms. Raquel’s or mine, this girl’s hair was platinum blonde and was held back with a headband. Overall she exuded, not an innocent look, but a very shy one.

“Hey Eve!” Paula practically yelled. As she jumped off her stool her coat popped open, revealing nothing but a thong underneath. She gave me a tight hug. Though Paula and I didn’t really talk much, our relationship was pleasant.

The other girl didn’t move at all.

She let me go and began to explain. “Eve this is Brenda. Brenda this is Eve.”

“Hi Brenda,” I said pleasantly, snapping out of the slight shock I was in. I still wasn’t sure what was going on.

“Hello,” she replied in a very soft voice. I barely notice her English accent.

“You must be confused Eve,” Paula began, “so here’s the basic story. Brenda is my new roommate, but she doesn’t lick pussy very well, so you’re going to have to teach her.”

Brenda looked at Paula wide eyed. I was taken aback with surprise. Paula just giggled and continued.

“C’mon Eve. You’re the best pussy licker in the world for all I know, and Brenda sucks at it, we’ve tried it.” Brenda looked down, her face red with embarrassment.

“Paula dear,” I said calmly, getting a grip on the situation, “slow down and explain the situation to me in detail please.”

“Oh right, hehe,” she giggled scratching the back of her head, “I guess this is all pretty sudden huh? Well you don’t need to really worry on the how or anything, just know that she’s not here against her will or anything like that, she’s just a bit shy.”

I approached Brenda, whose eyes, though they seemed fixated on her shoes, came up a few times to look at my body. I was wearing a simple tight white T-shirt that showed no cleavage but were pressed firmly around my ample bust along with some tight sky blue jeans (it was casual Friday).

“Is that true Brenda? Are you two friends?” She just nodded.

“Ugh! Eve! I promise we’re just having fun! You’re way to nice sometimes, you know that? Try not to take offense to the way she acts, she’s shy around new people but she’s really fun once you get to know her.”

“Hmm, ok,” I concluded, shrugging and walking back to Paula, “I guess we should just get started.”

I gently grabbed the back of Paula’s coat and guided it to her feet, leaving her nude except for her black thong and boots.

“Oh by the way,” Paula started explaining as I laid some clean sheets on the ground, “we have a class in about an hour, so there’s no time for any extra fun you might wanna have with your new toy, hehe.”

I nodded, acknowledging her statement, and then gestured for her to lie down and get comfortable. She did so in a flash, lying with her head near the door and throwing off her underwear in the process.

I then took walked to the other side of the room and took Brenda’s hand in mine. She looked at me a bit startled. I just smiled and walked her to her roommate. When we reached Paula’s open legs I went to my knees and Brenda followed suit.

“Now Brenda,” I began instructing, “all you need to do is watch carefully. When I tell you it’s your turn, try to copy what I did exactly. Over time you’ll develop your own style but for now, mirror me. Understand?”Again, she just nodded. “Good, try to get a good view.”

With that, I set to work. I tied my hair back into a pony tail and laid down flat on my stomach with Paula’s pussy staring in my face. To my surprise it was already wet. I looked at Brenda, the eye contact making her blush. I gave Paula my signature, a lick to each thigh and a kiss on the lips(not her mouth) and dove in.

I don’t know if you remember, but Paula has the mouth of a porn star, and this time was no exception.

“Awww, FUCK!” she groaned slowly as I made first contact, her familiar orangey flavored juices filling my mouth.

I started to stick a finger inside her warm mound.

“Oh god yeah, give me another!” Paula cried, and I complied giver her another finger, my tongue focused on her clit.

“Oh ya like that, keep doing that! I’m gonna come already!”

With that I stopped, completely withdrawing from my task.

“What the fuck?!” Paula yelled, her hand going between her legs, “don’t stop!”

I stopped Paula’s hand from going to her sex and looked at Brenda, who had been silently watching the whole ordeal.

“You’re turn.” I stated plainly.

“Oh god, hurry up Brends!” Paula pleaded, using some kind of pet name.

“I…I… I can’t.” Brenda stammered.

“What the hell do you mean you can’t!” Paula screamed.

“I’m no good.” she explained.

Ignoring this, I took her hand with the one that wasn’t holding Paula from masturbating and guided her between Paula’s legs.

“God damnit! Hurry, please!” Paula basically cried, writhing on the ground.

Brenda and I were in kneeling next to each other in front of Paula. I was looking at her face while she stared at Paula. Slowly, I leaned in close to her, pushed her hair back behind her ear and whispered, “Just try it” giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

This seem to do the trick. Brenda bent her had down to Paula’s pussy while still on her knees and began to pick up where I left off.

“Oh god yes! C’mon Brends!” Paula moaned anew, as I let go of her hand. “Stick your fingers in that tight pussy! Deeper!”

As she lapped at Paula, I watched for some things Brenda was doing wrong. It only took a few minor adjustments to have her off and running, or rather, licking.

Of course at this point I had nothing to do as the full figured blonde munched on her roommate. I did want to, as Paula had put it, “play with my new toy” so, as her top half was hunched over and inaccessible, I moved to Brenda’s backside, which was hoisted in the air to do her bent over position, and lifted up her skirt to reveal a nice, wide ass. I gave it a playful, but large and firm bite.

Brenda yelped into Paula, her tongue pressing hard against the Paula’s clit and her fingers submerging themselves deeper than before.

“YES! Right there! Keep doing that!” Paula moaned approvingly. Brenda got the idea and started to pump her fingers a little faster and flick and press her tongue with more emphasis. As she did this I sat behind her casually, gently caressing her wide ass. She had one of those butt’s that had more jiggle to it than firmness.

Paula didn’t exactly explode like when I give her pleasure, but she had a perfectly decent orgasm as Brenda slowed down and got back up on her knees. Paula takes a good amount of time to recover after an orgasm, and usually just lays there for a little while.

As Brenda sat up I gave her a towel that I had used on my own face to wipe up. Even though her skirt had fallen back down to cover her lower half my hand was still under it and rubbing her ass softly.

“Sorry about biting you,” I apologized as she wiped herself up.

“Oh, um, no worries,” she said with a smile. It looked like I gotten her to soften up a little.

“You can apologize more on Monday,” Paula said out of the blue. She got dressed quickly and helped Brenda up. “C’mon Brends were gonna be late for class. By Eve!”

“Wait!” I said, stopping them, “Give me a second.” I left the room for 30 seconds and came back with some white cotton panties in my hand. “Here Brenda. Yours are probably pretty wet.” She blushed, but took them. “Let’s wait outside Paula.”

Paula was confused as to why we had to leave the room for Brenda to change but I explained to Paula,

“Like you said she’s a shy one. Just give it a little time and she’ll learn to be comfortable around us, let her test the water.”

“Why don’t we just throw her in head first?” she asked. I laughed but I could tell Paula was only slightly kidding, which made me slightly worry for Brenda.

As if on cue Brenda exited the room and they left.

I stretched for a second and walked over to Molly. She was wearing her long, fire red hair up and had on a shirt very similar to mine except it was bright yellow. She accompanied this with a white skirt that came down to a couple inches above her knee.

The relationship between Molly and I had developed significantly over the last five months. She now goes down on me more often than once a month. It is always upon my request though. She is also now allowed full access to my lower half (legs, ass, asshole, pussy, everything below the waist). Sometimes I like to play some games with her. Nothing that would get us caught or anything, just fun things I usually make up on the fly for us or just her to do.

For some reason, though, she always stops me before her climax. She says she wants to maintain a sort of student-teacher relationship with me. I don’t fully understand, but she’s cute so I don’t seem to care.

“Hey,” I greeted her plopping on the stool next to her, Molly always stood. The counter for the changing rooms had a view of the store and of all 10 changing rooms that were situated in a line. The granite green counter, when I was standing came up to my belly button and up to Molly’s sternum, and was in a corner. The door to get into the space behind the counter was on the changing room side while other side, the side towards the store, was where she helped the customers. No one, at a distance or close up, could see what was going on under the counter.

“Hi she said,” pulling the rather large cherry lollipop out of her mouth, “pretty slow day.” She was right. It was Friday morning, but the store wasn’t as packed as it usually was. “So how’d you like your surprise?”

I told her what happened.

“Oh that’s a shame,” she lamented, “That girl was super hot.”

“Ooh, someone’s got a little crush.” I teased. She rolled her eyes, “but they’ll be back,” I explained as she and took a long drag on her lollipop. Suddenly, as they usually do, and idea for a game hit me.

Without a word I moved my stool so I was right next to her. Then, I reached up and grabbed her lollipop out of her hand.

I gave the candy a few good licks and then, in one quick swing, positioned my hand under her skirt. She was already under a challenge not to wear panties today, so there was no problem there. I started to rub her clit softly with her cherry sucker.

Molly let out a quick moan. She covered her mouth and looked around to make sure no one was noticing. I simply pretended to read a magazine. I slowly brought the lollipop down the length of her pussy lips and back up again, rubbing her clit a second time, this time a little harder.

Molly’s hand’s came forward and grabbed the edge of the counter. As she did this I positioned the lollipop and stuck it inside her.

Molly bit down on her lip hard to prevent herself from moaning and leaned forward to take in the foreign object, her breasts pressed up between against the counter. Very slowly, I brought the candy in and out of her. She closed her eyes for a second and then opened them again to keep watch, even though I was doing that already. I brought my thumb up and started massaging her clit with it. This sent her eyes shut and into the back of her head.

Though she wasn’t allowed to finish, Molly started swaying slightly, forward and back, to make more aggressive contact. She began to pant softly. Her beautiful porcelain white skin formed beads of sweat. With eyes closed but mouth wide open in a sort of D shaped smile, nothing coming out but soft breaths, she thrust her head down, making her long tied hair come down into her face and around her body.

I started to pump her harder with the lollipop, twisting, pulling, and pushing it inside her, my hand becoming significantly drenched in the process. Molly was Right on the edge. Her pending orgasm had built up to its highest possible level, and right when I felt she was about to explode…

I stopped.

I pulled the candy out of her, placed it in my own mouth, and removed my hand from her pussy.

Molly shook her head for a second, frustrated with the results of our little game. But she got herself together quickly, and soon, from a passerby’s point of view, it had looked like nothing had happened.

I gestured her to clean my hand. She crouched down, pushing some hair out of her face and behind her ear, and took in each of my fingers individually, cleaning up her own mess. When she finished I returned her lollipop to her and she left for the bathroom.

Not to boast, but I was quite content with my little game. But it was quite a spectacle to watch so I made a point to grab some spare panties to change into before heading back to changing room 10.

The rest of the morning sort of just lagged on, with nothing very eventful happening along the way. Not to say it was boring though. I love the part of my job I’m actually supposed to be doing.

I was, however, relieved when lunch came around. I had a few customers in a row that were on the rude side, and was glad for the escape.

As I walked towards Molly I could see that her working intently on her laptop, typing like mad on the keyboard. Right before I got in range to see what was on her screen she slammed the computer shut and wrote something down on a sticky note which she placed in her pocket.

“H-hey,” she stuttered nervously.

“Hi,” I answered normally. Her behavior was odd but I didn’t bring it up as we ate.

When I went back to work I came to the realization of just how tired I was. After about thirty minutes of helping some spoiled four year old get ready for her birthday party, I was ready to tell Molly to stop with the customers and take a nap.

When I opened the door though, I was standing face to face with a huge pair of breasts.

“You are supposed to wait for me to knock,” a woman with a distinctly Latin accent said above me.

I backed away and looked up to see an intimidating, and yet very sexy Latina(I would later find out Colombian) woman. She must have been around 40. She was dressed very stylishly, with designer brands for everything from her tight black blouse to her dark grey jeans, and larger hoop earrings. She had a flawless natural tan which worked well with her dark eye shadow, purple lipstick, and long, wavy, sand brown hair.

“Could you move, I don’t got all day.” She snapped at me, and I stepped to the side allowing her to walk into my changing room.

I admired her body as she did so, her body being the definition of an hourglass figure, with hips that would not quit.

She brought a finger to her ear, activating the Bluetooth headset I hadn’t noticed before.

“Sorry Gary, the help around her is incompetent…what do you mean they won’t make the deal?! Tell them we’ve had legal check it thousands of times and it’s legit. Tell them I have checked it and I think it’s legit. And, most importantly, tell them to stop being such pussies!” But in her accent it sounded more like ‘poosies’.

She hung up her phone and threw me our winter catalog out of her purse while making another call. I was transfixed on her body, though, so the catalog literally hit me in the face.

“How about you stop staring at me and fetch me everything in there that’s circled.” She snapped.

Embarrassed, I left the room to retrieve the items Ms. Vega(as I would soon learn to be her name) had commanded from me. In reality I could have just asked Molly to do it, but I wanted to get out of there.

Three minutes later I returned with a heap of clothing in my arms that ranged from full dresses to lingerie.

I knocked on the door and it slid open, fast as an arrow.

“What the hell took you so long?” she asked me, rhetorically. “No not you Audrey this other bimbo.” She explained into her earpiece.

Though she was demanding and her insults were incessant, for some truly unexplainable reason I felt she wasn’t all bad. This was and odd feeling, though, as her rudeness and commanding tone never ceased.

“Divide those into three piles,” she instructed me, “tops, bottoms, and undergarments…No Audrey, why the hell would I want you to do that? Use your fucking head!”

I removed the stools from the room and brought three simple chairs(wooden, no armrests) to place the clothes on.

I placed them all next to the door and turned my back on Ms. Vega as I began to separate the clothes. As I did so, I could see her start to unbutton her blouse, her already somewhat exposed cleavage spilling out more with each one. She took her blouse off fully and tossed it onto the chair with the tops.

I couldn’t help but stare as she removed her bra, letting out beautiful breasts. The thing that stood out about them wasn’t their great size, their bikini tan line, or their nipples hardened by the cold air, but rather their shape. They were almost perfectly spherical, and seemed very firm.
She started to try on bra and top combinations, constantly berating either Audrey (the poor assistant on the other side of the Bluetooth) or me for our slowness and incompetence.

About ten minutes later, she abruptly stopped and left, telling me she would be back in less than an hour, and to leave all her clothes as they were, which was against store policy, but I was still quite tired and just decided to pass the time with Molly.

“Wow, she sounds like a bitch,” Molly said when I told her about Ms. Vega, “but those curves are to die for. You should get your handcuffs ready.” She smiled deviously.

“Na, I think I’ll pass,” I sighed, “I mean, maybe if she comes back again one day, but I’m just exhausted right now. Plus, she caught me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was staring at her body for a second, and she called me out on it.”

“So what?” Molly wondered out loud.

“So she might see it coming.”

“That might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

I laughed in agreement. It was a pretty silly thing to think, but my mind was running on overtime.

“You should rest,” Molly advised, “keep your phone next to you and I’ll call you when Ms. Bitch-boss comes back.”

I cringed a little at Molly’s language, but I took her advice and ventured back to room 10 where I laid out some sheets and fashioned a pillow out of some sweaters. As I closed my eyes, for some reason my mind wandered to thought of what Ms. Vega did for a living, because it obviously paid well.

Just as I was about to drift into sweet sleep, my phone jolted me awake.

Without picking it up I put the sheets away and made everything as it was when Ms. Vega had left. I fixed myself up in the mirror and waited for a few seconds, finally hearing a knock at the door.

I opened the door quickly and greeted her, “Hello Ms. Vega. Welcome back.”

She all but pushed me aside getting in. She was about to say something and then paused.

“These chairs,” she said pointing to the three chairs containing her clothes on the side of the room opposite the door. “They were next to the door when I left.”

“Yes Ms. Vega, I moved them to make it easier to enter and exit.”

Ms. Vega rolled her eyes and walked to the chairs. She casually dumped out all the tops from the middle chair and sat down.

“I don’t feel like trying these on anymore,” she explained, “try this on for me.” She tossed me a dark red plaid skirt.

“This isn’t really my size ma’m. I would be happy to get one that-”

“Just try this one on,” she interrupted.

Her abrupt and somewhat harsh tone frightened me a bit, but I did as I was asked.

I casually unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled down my jeans, revealing my athletic legs and the spare panties I had retrieved from Molly’s counter earlier. They were plain and white, matching my shirt and covered my whole ass, except for the very bottom.

I put the skirt on as she asked. On her it would probably only come down to her mid-thigh, but it reached my down to my knees and actually looked pretty cute when I looked in the mirror.

“Stop looking at yourself and get over here, I need a closer look.” Her harsh tone still hadn’t subsided.

As I walked towards her, for a split second I saw her look me up and down. Then, just as I got in arms length of her, a devilish smile appeared on her face.

She sprang up from her chair and pulled me in, sitting back down and laying me out on her spread knees so that my hips were on one knee and my breasts were on the other. It all happened so fast, I had no time to do anything about it.

Insticvily, I tried to get up, but she pushed me down with one hand and yanked on my hair with the other to keep me in place.

Without saying a word she let her right hand, the hand not in my hair to venture to my newly adorned skirt, and lift it up to reveal panty covered ass. As soon as it had been uncovered, WHACK, straight to my left butt cheek, the one closest to her.

I yelped at the sudden contact. The pain wasn’t too bad, and I could tell she had held back significantly.

Ms. Vega laughed. I could see her clearly through the opposite mirror on the door.

“You need to learn not to disobey me when I tell you something.”

WHACK. This time a little harder, but I held in my yelps, and tried to break free again. Looking back, I’m not sure why I would have done this. The situation was basically getting the perfect customer in my line of work, but I did try, and she gave my hair another pull and my ass three more spankings, still all on the left cheek.

“Stop moving!” she yelled. WHACK.

The tall woman took my panties and bunched up, giving me a wedge and revealing the rest of my ass. She grazed my thighs and butt with her long manicured fingernails gently, running them up and down slowly. This, in sharp contrast to her spanks, was soothing. There was something therapeutic and relaxing about it…

WHACK. She hit me again, now finally on the right cheek, breaking the sweet sensation. She pulled my panties out of my butt crack and slid them down to my mid-thigh.

“And never second guess me!” she exclaimed harshly.

She let go of my hair and used both hands to smack both my cheeks harder than she had before. She continued smacking me until I lost count. I began to let out yells, cries, and possibly even moans.

She finally stopped and pulled my cheeks apart, getting a good view of my private regions.

“You little whore. You’re wet…”

I hadn’t realized it but I was. I’m usually not into spanking, or domination in general, but something about Ms. Vega was definitely getting me aroused.

She hooked her arm between my legs and under me to touch her right index finger to my clit very gently. Then she pressed down slightly and moved the finger up the length of my pussy. Once she reached the end she repeated the process a few more times and placed the finger in her mouth.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, approving of the taste.

She brought her hand back down to repeat the process yet again, but this time she didn’t stop with the length of my sex and continued to my rear hole, where she slowly began to insert her finger to the second knuckle in and out a few times, but stopped before I could get into it.

WHACK. She gave me one more smack before grabbing my hair and forcing me to my feet. She stood up as well and slammed me against the wall, making me scream again. Mid way through my outcry, she kissed me, if you could call it that. She more just took my whole mouth into hers and sucked on it. It was sloppy and aggressive.

She released my mouth from her lips only to push down on it with her hand, muffling my cries and keeping me pinned to the wall.

“You’re actually a perfectly competent little whore, but it’s so sexy to hear you scream.” She whispered menacingly; look straight into my fear filled eyes. It was true I was somewhat enjoying what was happening, but I was still scared that this woman would go too far.

She put her hand down from my mouth and pulled my hair, forcing my face up. Out of nowhere, she slowly licked the full length of my face, from the bottom of my right check to my forehead. When she was done she closed her eyes and smacked her lips.

“Here,” she said, opening her eyes and handing me a paper out of nowhere, “Follow these instructions exactly. I’ll be back Monday” She gave my ass another quick spank and my face another good lick and left, as suddenly as the whole ordeal had begun.

I didn’t move for a while. I was in a rare state of shock, trying to wrap my head around what exactly had happened. One thing that I couldn’t believe, though, was how frustratingly aroused I was.
The door swung open and Molly came rushing in within a minute of Ms. Vega’s departure.

“What the hell happened?!” She yelled.

That was a good question. I wasn’t sure myself, all I could think about was the burning on my butt…and between my legs. But I managed to get myself to start from the beginning.

I recounted the story to Molly, who tried to ease me onto a seat, but my ass was to sore for that so she fashioned a cozy area for me to lay down using mountains of clothes Ms. Vega had left. It elevated my torso on a slight ramp of clothing, but kept my lower half flat on the ground.

“Stay put,” Molly commanded, leaving the room as I finished my story, “I’ll be right back”.

I took this time to inspect the note I had been left. It read…

“On Monday you must be wearing a long, skin tight, blood red dress. Also you must have handcuffs. Make sure you are completely clean for me everywhere and be completely shaved-Ms. Vega.” A generally casual request for me usually, but this situation was much different than usual.

Molly returned to the room with a bag and a white tube(clearly lotion) with Chinese characters on it.

“Here,” she said squeezing a generous amount of lotion into her hands, “this will help.”

Molly rubbed her hands together to spread the lotion on her palms. She used her finger tips to flip my skirt up, revealing my red behind and panties slid halfway down my thighs.

Molly expertly started to spread the lotion. I winced a little at first but slowly came to relax against her soft touch and the cool cream.

“That bitch…” Molly whispered under her breath.

Once she was done applying the lotion Molly continued to massage my butt and thighs. She moved her hands on my ass from the bottom up, pushing all the flesh up and then letting it bounce back into place. She spent a while on my rear end, and then started to move down my thighs and legs. She blushed the whole time, almost as red as my ass. I wish i could have enjoyed it as much as I wanted to, but my sexual frustration wanted her to put her hands in the one spot she wasn’t, and it was all I could think about.

“Don’t worry,” she told me while giving me a foot rub, “she’ll never get back in here again.”

“Actually…” I started.

“Eve! You’re not actually thinking of doing what she said are you?!”

“Molly it’s ok. We’re here to have fun. Trust me, I have everything under control.”

“Whatever.” She said frustrated with me and left the room, making me once again aware of my wetness and the mistake I had just made in letting the one person who could relieve it leave.

I really wasn’t up to any more customers that day. I had to meet some friends for dinner and a powernap would’ve been perfect. I realized though, I was pretty aroused from all that had transpired through the day, considering I hadn’t gotten a release for myself yet. I wished Molly had stayed and taken care of it for me, but still, I focused on trying to get some sleep.

After what had happened, Molly knew not to send me anyone else for the remaining hour and a half left in the day. That’s why I was surprised when I heard a knock at the door. My eyes opened slowly and I arose from the oddly comfortable pile of clothes to open the door, slight anger building in my mind towards Molly for sending me a customer.

My anger dissipated immediately though, as I opened the door and my jaw dropped.

“Demi?” I whispered.

Demi was a sweet little half Asian half German 18 year-old I had met and, somewhat selfishly, taken advantage of five months earlier. I hadn’t gone all the way with her; more just dipped my toes in.

She had been one of the most sincerely kind people I had ever met, and I still was harboring feelings of guilt for how I had treated her. Even though at the time I tried to do what I did with as much gentleness and finesse as I could control myself to, it still weighed heavily on my conscience, especially since I had never had the chance to apologize to her after she ran out of changing room 10 that day, without a word.

But there she stood, just as I had seen her last. In fact, I noticed, it was exactly as I had seen her last. All the features that were obviously going to be the same were the same, her small but perky breast, her large dark brown eyes, her long, straight, jet black hair, but everything else was the same too. She wore the same pink shirt, the same jeans, even the same necklace (a thin chain with a heart). The only difference was that she held only a single bag, whereas on her first visit she held a large pile of clothes.

“H-hi…” Demi stammered, looking down at her feet, “may I come in?”

“Of course,” I said a big goofy grin on my face.

Demi walked in and I witnessed a truly breathtaking sight for the second time. Demi, as I’ve said before, had the perfect ass. Well at least it was perfect to me. Go ahead and imagine the perfect butt, that’s what Demi had.

“Don’t say anything,” Demi stated somewhat sternly, turning to face me as I slid the door shut. I could tell she was trying to be assertive, but she hadn’t had much practice, making it hard not to laugh.

Without a word Demi reached into the bag and pulled out the same yellow pajamas she had worn to send me over the edge the last time we had met. She quickly changed into them, doing her best to cover herself up as she stripped to her undergarments. Though she had a nice tan like my own, I could still see her blush like Molly always does. It was adorable.

I sat on my stool near the door and watched this unfold. The whole day so far had been one long tease, and this wasn’t exactly helping. I could feel, for the third time today, my fresh panties becoming slightly wet. I had to rub my knees together to compose myself.

“What made you decide to come back?” I asked, not being able to take the suspense any longer.

Demi was just buttoning the final button on her pajama top. She looked up at me with big brown eyes and said,

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot. What happened in here I mean. Mainly about how you pointed out how I had gotten…wet.” She had to pause and whisper the word “wet”. She truly was innocent.

“Well, ever since…that day,” she continued, “every time I thought about it i would…you know…get wet. And then last night well…” she trailed off without finishing.

“Last night?” I inquired.

“Well last night something happened and I realized I had to come back. I think maybe if you just finish what you started, it’ll be out of my system. But I’m not sure if I can go through with it now.”

This last part was pretty confusing to me, but I instead of asking her anything else I tried to comfort the visibly puzzled girl.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” I assured her, “so what exactly did happen last night?”

“Last night,” she whispered, “I thought of you and I…touched myself.”

I smiled, somewhat flattered. “That’s completely normal honey.”

“No!” she yelled, but still in a whisper, “I’m awful. I thought of a girl when I did it. And I…I did it backwards.”

“Backwards?” I asked.

“Like I was on my stomach…” the college student explained.

This was definitely not what I needed. The thought of Demi masturbating with her ass up in the air got me even hotter than I already was. I squeezed legs together tight.

“It’s ok dear, it’s only natural. It just means you prefer to-”

“Know it’s not natural!” she yelled, actually in a yell this time. “I’m sick, I’m dirty, I’m…I’m…” she paced around the limited space of the room. She looked so distraught and confused, like a wounded little puppy.

Before Demi could completely break out into tears I hopped off my stool and pulled her in for a tight hug. I didn’t mean for there to be anything suggestive about it, and there wasn’t, besides the fact that her face landed snugly in my chest. She was surprised by this, but welcomed the embrace, and reciprocated.

We stood there for a good twenty to thirty seconds before I tried to release her, but she held me close, not letting go. I smiled and rested my chin on the top of her head as I held her.

Then, slowly but surely, she began to move her head. She moved it gradually to the right, then to the left, as if very slowly nodding ‘no’. Then she her swayed head up and down, caressing her right cheek against my breasts. At this point, my third pair of panties had just about served all the purpose they could.

After about a minute of pressing her face on my chest she tilted her head back to look up at me with her big brown eyes. She suddenly became aware of what she was doing and released me from her embrace.

“Sorry…” she whispered.

“Don’t be,” I smiled, putting a hand on her shoulder.

For the first time that day she smiled back.

Demi then started to back up to the far wall. When she reached she turned around and I was presented with the same sight as I was five months ago as Demi put her hands on the wall and deliberately jutted her perfect ass out. She turned her neck to look at me,

“No handcuffs this time please.” She said sweetly.

Without a word I approached her and laid both my hands flat on her butt cheeks still covered by the silk of the pajamas.

I gave them a light squeeze but stopped myself from going further. I was going to do this right. I bunched her hair and set it over her right shoulder so it came down in front of her about mid way down her torso. This kept her left side(ear, shoulder blade, neck) exposed.

I placed my hands on her hips and pressed myself against her back, pushing a little extra with my chest so she could feel the breasts she seemed to love so much against her back.

Then I began.

I gave the left side of her neck a soft kiss. She inhaled sharply. Then I gave her another. And another, moving down her smooth skin. When I reached the base of her neck I ran my tongue back up and took in her ear lobe. This made her shiver a little. Demi’s sounds were similar to mine in these situations as they seemed to build over time. Right now she was simply breathing deeply, almost panting.

While my mouth was preoccupied with her ear, my hands began to roam. Without leaving her body I moved them up her stomach towards her neck. She flinched a little when I ran them over her breasts, but my oral fixation on her ear kept her from doing anything. I made my way to her neck and unbuttoned the top two buttons to her pajama top, sliding it slightly off her left shoulder exposing more skin.

I released her ear and made my way down her neck again, kissing harder and incorporating more tongue at each stop I made. I moved on to her shoulder blade and gave her little bites on the way to her shoulder.

I finally left her for a split second to rip open her top and slide it off of her, leaving her in her bra. Then I slowly removed my clothes to let Demi watch through the mirror.

I retook my previous position, my bare breasts now pressing against Demi’s almost bear back. I flipped her hair to the left side and gave her right ear and right side of her neck the same treatment as the left as I cupped her covered breasts in my palms. She began to whimper a little as I unhooked her bra and guided her arms down and back into their place on the wall to get it off.

I started to back up a bit, kissing down her spine and making little circles around her hardened nipples with my hand. When I reached the small of her back licked all the way back up the way I came till I reached her neck. I turned her face to the right quickly when I got there and finally gave her a soft kiss on the lips. At the same time I gave her nipples a little pinch making her moan and open her mouth, allowing my tongue to slide into hers effortlessly.

She accepting my tongue like a pro and started to kiss me back as I massaged her breasts. The awkward positioning got to us quickly, so she turned to face me my hands leaving her breasts. She tentatively raised her hands to touch mine, only to drop them as she made contact. I broke the kiss and grabbed her hands, guiding them to my breasts, showing her it was ok.

We started to make out again as she played with my breasts like the fascinated teenager she was. Surprisingly to her, I started to suck her tongue, but, like everything else so far, she accepted it with ease.
Finally, I allowed my hands to find her ass again. She was sucking my tongue at the time, and released it in surprise when I made contact. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes in a sort of admiring way and smiled. She knew what was coming.

She turned back around and slid her pants off before taking her position back on the mirror wall, revealing her butt to me in the same navy blue boy shorts she had been wearing last time.

I wanted to wait, but I couldn’t.

It was just such a perfect ass and I had already considerably teased her and gotten her very hot. Not to mention how incredibly frustrating my day had been.

These were the excuses I used for immediately yanking down her underwear, dropping to my knees, and attacking.

Her pussy was just as wet as mine, probably more, when my mouth made contact with it. She trembled significantly as I ate her out, her heavy breathing becoming deep audible moans. I licked her up and down, in and out, lips and clit, while I squeezed and caressed the ass the top half of my face was plunged into.

It didn’t take long at all for her orgasm to hit. And it hit hard. She started shaking all over, and movie her ass and legs from side to side. I didn’t hold her down though, just moved with her from side to side as she came, my mouth never leaving it’s target.

Finally she calmed down, dropping to her knees in front of me, slowly panting like a worn out puppy. I came up behind her and turned her face to mine to give her a couple of quick kisses, before letting her lay back against me. There was nothing behind me to support myself with so, I managed to turn her around lay her head on my right breast as I lay on the floor.

We stayed there for a while. Demi catching her breath and me trying not to think about the burning desire between my legs that had been building all day.

I began to just accept that I would not be getting off today. That today was just one of those days that was all give and no take. One of the byproducts of the business. And if I had been lying there with any other girl i would have been right.

But not Demi.

After about five minutes on the ground Demi turned her body on top of me. Her pussy lying on my left thigh, with her legs on either side. She turned her head to start licking the breasts she had been admiring so much. She took in random patches of flesh and sucked on. She movied on to my left breast and back again, not being able to get enough. It was heavenly.

I’m not sure if she did this next part on purpose, and quite frankly I don’t really care, but as she licked from one breast to the other, never leaving her tongue from my body, her left hand ventured down my stomach to my sex.

Then, at the same time, she started rubbing my pussy with her hand, and sucking my left nipple.

I moaned out immediately as she did. Demi was a natural. Unlike Molly who, though she is very good now, took months to perfect her love making, Demi knew all the right spots to hit instantly. She rubbed my lips at first, then inserted one finger in and used her thumb press and play with my clit, just how I like it, as she nibbled and licked my nipples.

I was so lost in my the pleasure, I barely noticed Demi had been grinding her pussy against my thigh the whole time. In the midst of my ecstacty, I managed to lift my leg to give her better contact. She moaned into my breast accordigly.

I’m not sure how much time passed. It could have been thirty seconds or 30 minutes, but when did have my orgasm, I came hard. The whole day flashed by me as I imagined eating out Paula, the sexy new Brenda, teasing Molly, the domineering Ms. Vega, and, of course, Demi.

As I came my whole body shook, which seemed to add even more pressure onto Demi’s grinding mound, and pushed her over the edge to her second orgasm, making her yell into my breasts as she shook on top of me for a good period of time. Eventually though, she settled down.

Demi immediatly got up, her legs a little wobbly at first, and tried to get dressed. She realized, though, she was a mess. I reached for my phone and texted Molly telling Demi not to worry.

Not a minute later Molly entered with a large bag. Demi was embarrassed immediately and tried to cover herself up. Molly just laughed and handed her a towel, only to laugh more when Demi used it to cover herself up like she was exiting a shower.

“That’s to wipe yourself off sweetie.” I showed her, as Molly gave me a towel to visually show Demi what I meant.

Demi still didn’t seem to want to expose herself to the stranger that had entered the room.

“Here,” Molly offered as walked towards the college student and yanked the towel off of Demi’s body.

“What’re you-” Demi was cut off and started to blush crimson as Molly got on her knees and started to wipe Demi’s legs with a damp towel, Demi’s previous towel flung over Molly’s shoulder. I got cleaned up and dressed, smiling with intrigue as Molly wiped Demi’s legs from thigh to foot, Demi just staring at Molly with her brown eyes, suddenly out of place on her bright red face.

When Molly finished wiping Demi’s legs she handed Demi the damp towel to use on her mound and upper body while Molly dried up Demi’s legs.

Molly pulled out some random boy shorts from the bag as she handed Demi the drying towel. She turned her head up to look at Demi, her face mere inches from Demi’s bare crotch.

“Hope these fit.” she smiled, “sorry if their not your style.” She held the panties open next to Demi’s feet. Demi stepped into the them.

To Demi’s surprise, Molly lifted the undergarment up Demi’s leg for her, all the way into place..Molly had always been good with the clients, even if she had been acting oddly today.

“Oh no, there, umm, there nice…” Demi mumbled.

“I’m glad,” Molly smiled, standing up. She handed Demi some fresh clothes. “You can go ahead and wear this out. They’re mine. I think we’re about the same size.”

“Oh t-t-thank you.” Demi stuttered almost inaudibly.

“No problem.” Molly answered, and left, Demi’s eyes never leaving her until the moment she was out of sight.

I burst out laughing once Molly left.

“What’s so funny?” Demi asked.


Demi looked deep in thought as she dressed into Molly’s clothes.

“So, umm..” she started when she was fully clothed.

“Just come back any time.” I told her with a peck on the cheek. She smiled and walked out the door. I watched her ass blatantly as she did, which is sort of embarrassing to admit but hey, it’s only human.

Unexpectedly she stopped to talk to Molly for a little while. I giggled at Demi’s obvious taking to Molly.

It was closing time. I locked up changing room 10 and went up to Molly at her counter.

“Sorry about earlier,” I began to tell her, “I won’t see Ms. Vega again if you don’t want me to.” I had decided I didn’t want to alienate the one person at Ms. Raquel’s who knew my secrets, the one person there I could trust. Or at least, as the next conversation made me question, that’s what I thought.

“No, I’m sorry,” she said before I could say anything, “I know I’ve been acting weird today it’s just…I have to-”

“Don’t worry about it honey,” I assured her, giving her shoulder a little rub, “you don’t have to explain if you don’t want to.”

“But that’s just the thing, I do have to tell you something important, I’m just not sure how to tell you.”

“Ok, you’re starting to scare me what it is?”

“Well…” Molly took a deep sigh, “you know how Ms. Raquel was talking to me in the morning?”


“Well, what she was actually telling me that she wants a meeting with you.”

“What?” I asked, quite shocked.

“Yeah. It’s nothing bad, in fact I’m pretty sure she’s gonna make you some kind of offer or something.”

“She told you that?”

“Not exactly.”

“So how do you know that?”

“Well I might have over heard it somewhere.”

“What? I’m confused Molly where could you have overheard that? And why was this so hard to tell me?”

“Well I over heard it when…well when I was at her house.”

“What? Why were you at here house?”

The next sentence was the beginning of a lot of change in my life.

“Well, she’s…she’s kind of my Mom.”

At first, of course, I didn’t believe her. Not one bit. I thought it was some kind of, albeit very strange, joke, and I told her so. But Molly began to convince me.

“Think about it Eve, how could I possibly manage this nice of a job with my record.” She was referring to the multiple run ins she had had with the law due to her hacking habit.

“And I’ve never talked about my family before.”

“Well that’s not really a topic we talk about that much…” I started to say, holding my ground but beginning to falter.

“You’re parents are Denise and Gabriel your sister is Michelle and your dog is Sherlock.”

“Well you’re…” I was dumbfounded at the now apparent fact of how little I knew of Molly’s history.

“And if you’re still not convinced,” she started, rummaging through her purse, “let me ask you something. What’s my last name?”

“That’s easy its…” I couldn’t believe myself. Here I was starting to get angry at Molly for hiding such a thing from me, when I didn’t even know her full name!

To put the nail in the coffin, she showed me her driver’s license, which read MOLLY RAQUEL.

“But…why wouldn’t you tell me?” I asked.

“If I had approached you as the daughter of the store owner, would you have been as quick to trust me?” The former MIT attendee’s logic was undeniable. “I’m so sorry Eve! I’ll do anything to-”

“It’s fine.” I smiled. At first Molly thought I was just ending the conversation, but I really was okay with the news. In fact, my mind had shifted ahead to what my Monday was going to be like. “Just no more secrets okay?”

“You got it!” Molly smiled, relieved, and hugged me.

The next day Molly and I had to help with the repainting of the changing rooms. They were being changed from a maroon to a sort of light navy blue. It was being treated as a sort of team building exercise(though it was obviously just a way to save money considering we worked individually). Afterwards Molly and I stayed late to “finish up some paperwork”. In reality, we were prepping for Monday’s encounter with Ms. Vega.

“These,” Molly said bringing out to tiny metallic tubes, “are the new VEC cameras. They’re tiny and easily concealable, so I’ll be able to make sure you’re alright.”

“Molly, we’re not filming this, it’s-”

“It’s just a one time thing,” she cut me off as she perched up on her toes to put the cameras in place inside my handcuff compartments, “and they don’t film, they simply provide a live feed. No data is stored.”

“Well aren’t you a cute little geek,” I teased coming up behind her, putting my hands on her ass.

“Umm, Eve…” Molly began, gently getting away from my grasp, “I was thinking about yesterday, how you said no more secrets and I should tell you. I’ve started seeing someone.”

I thought about what she said for a second. Suddenly all the insisting on not letting her climax made sense.

“It’s nothing too serious right now, we’re just kinda fooling around, but I don’t really feel comfortable with you doing anything major to me in case it does become serious.”

I just smiled, giving her a big hug and told her how happy I truly was for her. As we left I declined her offer to reciprocate my attempts, at this point I wasn’t really in the mood. My mind was set on Monday, a day that I knew would consist of a return visit with Paula and Brenda, Ms. Vega’s second visit, a meeting with Ms. Raquel, and whatever other surprises lay in store for me.