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Ms Cunilicious! Hi everyone. I'm a divorced, sex-craving woman and very much interested and consumed by all things sexy and girlie... I'm 31 and done with the penis thing, sorry guys. I just love a juicy pussy! I love licking and mixing my honey with your naughty juices!!!! Girls do you like the stories on my other pages, Paris is the latest! Honey tat_46 free counters
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I rolled over and checked the time on my phone. 4 A.M. Great. I was lying on the floor of my friend Tammie’s bedroom. We’d just got back from dinner with a group of friends for her 18th birthday, and she told me I could crash at hers. I couldn’t sleep. I stood up, and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My dark hair was rumpled with tossing and turning. I was wearing a baggy pair of pyjama bottoms, and a tight-fitting vest top, so low cut you could see the top of my seep purple silk bra. I took a book off the shelf at random: it was a phto album. I thumbed through it, pausing every now and then. After a few minutes flicking through, I came to a photograph that made me gasp. I didn’t know who the woman was, but she was stunning. She had long, bleach blonde hair and blue eyes. The photo was taken on a beach, and she was wearing a skimpy black bikini that showed off her perfect figure… her long, toned legs… her perfect, large breasts. I felt myself begin to moisten. I slide the photo out of the album, and returned to the floor, clutching it. I pinched my clitoris between my finger and thumb, stroking it. A shot of pleasure went through my body and my pussy began to produce more moisture. I began to slide my fingers into the hole, unable to contain a gasp of pleasure, that came out louder then I thought. The door swung open, and in the doorway was the woman in the picture. Even in an old pair of shorts and an old, grey, but never-the-less tight t-shirt, she was unbelievably sexy. She looked at me, who, in my shock, had not taken my fingers out of my vagina. “Couldn’t sleep?” she breathed, her voice sending tingles down my spine. “Me either. I’m Tammie’s Mom, by the way.” “Oh, hi Mrs. Gerard,” I mumbled, coming out of my daze and quickly withdrawing my hand from in my pyjamas. “Call me Lacey,” she waved her hand at me. “I haven’t been Mrs. Gerard for five years. Come down to the kitchen, we’ll have a coffee.” I followed Lacey down to the kitchen, stunned. “Do you take sugar?” She asked. I nodded. “One.” As she stretched up to reach the sugar, I couldn’t help noticing how the T-shirt strained against her impressive cleavage, and the long, smooth muscle definition of her legs. She made the coffee and handed it to me. “So.” she sat on the counter, crossing those magnificent legs. “I don’t think I’ve met you before? What’s your name?” “I’m Sophie Baxter.” “Sophie,” she tested my name out. I had a sudden, vivid image of her screaming it while I licked her pussy. I shook my head. She’s your friends mom! And straight! The image was only intensified though, when I glanced down and caught sight of her nipples, standing to attention. I looked up, to find he blue eyes gazing avidly at me. I knew she’d caught me looking. “Thanks for the coffee, Lacey. I’m pretty tired now.” I turned around to run back upstairs. “Have you ever been with a woman, Sophie?” Lacey asked me. I turned back around to face her, to find she was not sat on the counter, but stood a few feet away from me. “Urm…no.” I said. The truth was, I’d always lusted after girls, but never acted on it. “I have” she said calmly, drawing closer to me. “That’s why my marriage ended, you know”. She was really close now. Her hand went up to the side of my face, and I could barely believe my luck when her arm slid around my waist. She pressed her body against me, backing me into the fridge. “There’s a first time for everything.” she purred seductively. And then she was kissing me, One hand in my hair, the other circling my hip. My momentary shock soon subsided. As the kiss got deeper, more intense, her tongue down my throat and her body pushed so far into mine I could feel her pussy on my thigh, my hands wondered round to her ass and soon I was squeezing it over her shorts, marvelling at the firmness of each cheek. Her hand found my right breast, and soon she was cupping and squeezing it, grinding against me, as her other hand travelled down, stroking my pussy through my pants. Suddenly, she pulled away, grinning. “Don’t stop!” I begged. “You want more?” She breathed. I nodded, and her grin grew even bigger. She pulled my top over my hand, and skilfully undid my bra and removed it. “Mmmm,” she looked at my body, bare but for my pyjama bottoms in appreciation, before taking me in her arms again, but this time she ducked her head and her tongue found my hard nipple. She flicked in backwards and forwards expertly, and I threw my head back in pleasure. soon, my nipple was in her mouth, and she was kissing and sucking me. I wasn’t sure how much harder it would go, or how much wetter my pussy could be, but I knew Lacey was about to show me. She was a lot taller then me, and I’m petite anyway. Without even looking up, she used her hands to guide me over to the counter and helped me hop up. She kissed down my stomach, down to my cunt, by now soaking wet. I squirmed impatiently, waiting for her to touch my pussy, but she stood up again. “My turn.” She smirked. She knew the effect on me, how she drove me wild, and was using it to tease me. I hopped down off the counter, grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her against the wall, before ripping her t-shirt off. I couldn’t get her nipple in my mouth fast enough. I explored it with my tongue, licking it until it was erect in my mouth. I heard her groan in pleasure, felt her hand on the back of my head. She pulled me up roughly. “Touch my pussy,” she growled into my ear, before placing her mouth on mine again. Every pore in my body felt as though it was on fire as I slid my hand into her shorts. My fingers found her clit through her thong and stroked it for a few minutes, until she tore her lips from mine. Lacey panted wildly as I kissed her neck. She pulled her shorts off, dislodging my fingers : now she was wearing nothing but a thong. She pulled me closer, rubbing her body against mine. I moved my hand, but she grabbed it and placed it by her pussy again. I obediently massaged it through the thin material, and she grinded into my hand. I slid my hand into her thong and plunged a finger into her clit. She was writhing in ecstasy, arms spread wide across the wall, pushing her chest into me. for a few minutes, my fingers went fast and hard into her, until she grabbed my hand, lifted it up to her face, and seductively licked her own juices off the finger that had just been inside her. She turned around, her cheek against the wall. “Again” she said, hoarsely. I moulded my body against her back, her perfect ass pressing against my vagina and, kissing her shoulders, fingered her again, this time with three fingers. “Harder” she whispered, her hand grabbing her own breast. Her other hand was on top of mine, forcing me to go faster and harder into her. I began to grind my pussy into her ass. I felt her cum, it trickled down my wrist. She moaned loudly, turning back around her face me, withdrawing my hand from her thong. “Let’s move this into the living room.” Once there, she lay me down onto the couch, lowering herself on top of me, kissing me wildly. It felt so good, having her warm body on top of mine. I could feel the wet patch of her thong pressing into my thigh, her bare breasts on my chest. She moved up onto all first, kissing down my stomach, her hand finding my pyjama bottoms and at long last removing them. I was not wearing anything underneath. Her eyes found my pussy and she looked hungrily at it. She stroked my stomach and kissed and licked my thighs, teasing me again, her tongue drawing line around my vagina, not actually touching it. She drew back and stroked it with one finger, watching carefully. Finally, she licked my whole vagina in one clean, slow swoop. Her smooth tongue send pleasure signals to every synapse.She repeated the action again. On the third time, she stopped at my clit and began licking it, it was throbbing with lust. Her tongue strokes grew faster, and I could feel an orgasm brewing inside me. I began to write on the sofa in pleasure, biting my lip to keep me from screaming. She drew back, lubricated her fingers with spit, and began rubbing my pussy. I breathed heavily, trying so hard not to shout out. Soon, her fingers were inside me, slowly exploring the inside of my vagina. her other hand was spreading apart my lips, rubbing my clit until I could not surpress the moan. With each thrust of her fingers inside me, I raised and dropped my hips. She was going faster and faster. I could feel her getting deeper, sliding another finger in, then another. She had four in now. She had abandoned her rubbing my clit, so I resumed it, circling it as fast as I could. Just as I was on the brink of an orgasm, she stopped, moving back up to kiss me again. I had never been wetter in my life. “Me again” she said in my ear. She moved off of me and sat at the end of the sofa. I stood up and pulled her thong eagerly off her. She spread her legs wide, giving me a full view of her tight, sweet pussy.I crouched down, her leg over my shoulder and began rubbing it, watching her face to see the look of pleasure. She did not disappoint. “Lick me” she squealed. I moved my head in and took her clit in my mouth, sucking it. I then moved my tongue round her vagina in circles. I used my hands to spread her further apart, then bagan flicking my tongue. She grabbed my hair and I felt her hips rise. and I licked her bald cunt. I felt her get wetter, and moved back to slide my fingers in again, lubricated with her juices. I continued to lick her clitoris as my fingers were inside her. Suddenly, she drew her legs higher, her ass in my face, and it was clear what she wanted. As I licked round her vagina, I saw her fingers pick up were I left off on her clitoris. “Put it in!” She moaned, and soon my tongue was thrusting in and out. She did not seem worried about Tammie waking up, as she was now screaming in delight. I took my tongue out and put my finger up there. Her head was thrown back and her whole body tense with pleasure. She visibly relaxed as cum spurted out of her. I rubbed it in. “Come here.” She grabbed me and kissed me. “Time for bed.” I put my clothes back on. To my horror, when I got back upstairs, and opened Tammie’s bedroom door, she was stood there in her dressing gown. “You! and my mother!” She looked furious. “I’m sorry Tammie…” I began. She held up a hand and I was silenced. Imagine my surprise when Tammie removed her dressing gown, revealing a naked body every bit as sexy as her mom’s. “My turn,” she grabbed me and pulled me onto the bed on top of her.