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Moments later I took a deep breath as I felt Sara’s tongue kiss and lick the area around my puckered little star. Erin was the only lover I ever had who paid attention to my ass, and I was surprised to learn how incredibly erogenous this area was.

Sara’s fingers entered me and began a rhythmic cadence inside my pussy, then withdrawing, and then repeating the same motion again and again. It was very slow and methodical at first, but she gradually started to increase her pace.

It was at that time I felt the full length of Sara’s tongue enter my ass. Methodically she continued to plunge in and out. Between the stimulation I was receiving in my pussy and the wonderful new sensations driving me wild in my ass, I felt as limp as a rag doll and I was in girlie heaven.

Sara was building me up to an intense climax. I was besieged by so many wonderful feelings I just wanted it to go on forever. There’s nothing better than the attention received by a woman’s pussy, but I have to admit what she was doing to my ass was a close second.

I have no idea how long Sara carefully kept me on the edge, but sometime before I thought I’d pass out I felt her fingers locate and begin to apply pressure to my ‘G’ spot. That was all it took to push me over the coveted edge.

The harder I seemed to buck, the more intense was the pressure I received from Sara in both areas. After my second orgasm began to finally subside, I felt Sara’s tongue and fingers begin to withdraw and I realized my trip to heaven was coming to an end.

I was stretched out on the sofa absolutely motionless. I’m sure I looked more sated than I thought was possible. I heard Sara stand and remove her clothes, before moving to the sofa beside me. As she began to kiss me around my neck and ears, I felt her finger work its way inside my ass. As spent as I was, I felt my sphincter tighten lovingly around her.

"Ohh yes … I so love what you’re doing to me."

Sara continued to kiss me everywhere she could reach, while her finger continued to service my tight little back door. My eyes were closed and I felt as if I were floating on a cloud. This time Sara wasn’t trying to make me climax. This time she was just playing and I could tell the difference. I mustered all my strength to speak.

"I’ll give you ten years to quit doing that."

She laughed playfully in my ear, before she spoke in her whisper-like tone that I love hearing.

"Oh baby, the things I want to do to you and that incredible body. I’ve waited for you my whole life, and now that I finally found you I just wanna treasure all of our time together. I intend to spoil you rotten with as much love and affection as you can handle."

Those words were music to my ears.

"Mmmm, sounds wonderful. That’s totally alright with me. You own me lover, do whatever you like – whenever you like," I said, in a near dream-like trance.

"Do you mean that, baby?"

I was way too satisfied to think about the import of her question for more than a nanosecond. I had no way of knowing my immediate response would also open the door to areas I never previously imagined.


Sara kept kissing me and playing with my ass for another half hour, before she suggested we go to bed. And though I really liked the sound of that suggestion, I told her I didn’t think I could move a muscle and I thought she should just leave me there on the sofa. But on our first night together in the house she wasn’t about to let that happen.

When the alarm went off at 4:30 it didn’t sound any better in Sara’s house than it did in mine. But aside from that minor unpleasantry, everything else was different. Everything else was perfect. Seeing Sara’s face as soon as I opened my eyes changed the way I viewed the entire world and I even sensed a difference in my usually terrific attitude.

We moved towards each other and smiled and then we kissed.

"C’mon lover, up and at ‘em," she said with that incredibly sexy smile.

We began our stretches on the front lawn and Sara watched as I reeled off two hundred sit-ups in less than nine minutes.

"Holy cow, you’re absolutely amazing. No wonder you look like that. I have to start doing that myself."

I laughed as we started running in our usual direction. After running about a mile I started to get Sara caught up on my conversation with Erin and my mother’s response. I don’t know exactly why, but I decided to leave out the part about the prolonged kiss.

She was excited by the idea and agreed that watching Erin and Cheryl was a terrific alternative to our dicey situation. When we finally finished our run we exchanged a quick kiss, and then we went in opposite directions, as I wished Sara good luck in her first trial as a Texas lawyer.

The rest of the week passed quickly, as we all quietly seemed to be looking forward to the arrival of Saturday evening with different levels of anticipation. Several days ago I would have dreaded this event, but even I was excited and Sara was … well, I was having a hard time exactly understanding how Sara was feeling about the whole thing.

Since I had orchestrated the entire evening, and Sara had already confessed to a serious lack of cooking skills, I planned to do all the cooking. I had already purchased all the ingredients for a pretty impressive lasagna dinner at the house for Saturday night. Unfortunately, I had to cheer at an out-of-town football game in Sugarland on Friday. So I was in for a long day Friday and what could turn into an even longer day on Saturday.

Erin and Cheryl would be over for dinner around 7:30 and then the night would be wide open as to what might happen next. Sara didn’t have the kind of theater room in her house that Erin did, so I couldn’t easily replicate that scenario. But I had another idea I thought might work just as well to achieve the desired result.

I really wanted to spend time with Sara all day on Saturday, but I was just too busy getting everything ready. She stayed in her office working most of the day, but she’d occasionally come out to the kitchen to taunt me.

I think our little self-imposed separation was harder on her than it was on me though, because the last time she came out she was totally naked. She proceeded to drop to her knees and lick me to a wonderful orgasm, while I leaned on the kitchen counter with my cut-offs down around my ankles. I guess I told her she could have me anytime and anyplace she wanted, and I was starting to get a sense of what that offer might actually entail.

Except for that pleasant mid-day diversion, I stayed pretty much on task. By 5:15 everything was ready and I went home to shower, get dressed and put on my makeup.

When I got home my mother was already in her room getting ready. I knew she was a bundle of nerves. She must have asked me a dozen times over the last couple days what she should wear. All I could tell her was just dress sexy and everything else will fall into place.

After my shower I spent a good deal of time on my eyes and lips. When I stepped back and looked in the mirror I was pretty pleased. My eyes drifted to a little surprise that I had picked up early Friday afternoon for Sara, and I was hoping she’d love it as much as I did. I finally worked up the nerve to get my clitoral hood pierced, and the one inch gold ring looked like the perfect accessory for a pussy that craved a lot of attention.

Throughout the day I thought about what I might wear and I eventually decided on a combination of sexy and slutty. I put on white stay-up thigh-highs, a white suspender mini-skirt that fell just a couple of inches past my crotch, a hot pink top that was tailored by yours truly to barely cover my boobs which had the words ‘Girl Toy” emblazoned across the chest in gold glitter, and six inch white platform slides. Stepping back, I looked at myself in the mirror again and smiled. Yup, I do believe that Sara will definitely approve.

It was after 7:00. After I came out of my room I heard my mother’s door open. I stopped in the living room anxiously awaiting the results of her day-long efforts. When she walked into the room I was speechless. I had never seen my mother dressed anything like this before and I knew she must have visited Victoria’s Secret sometime during the week.

She was wearing a black lycra halter slip mini dress that came to her upper thighs, and when she walked I could almost see the line from the matching g-string I was certain was hiding underneath. In a pair of black patent leather four-inch heels my mother looked stunning. I could feel my mouth getting noticeably dry.

She walked up to me as if this was how we always dressed around the house and leaned down and kissed me lightly on the lips, careful not to smear our lipstick.

"Cat, you look absolutely sinful."

I was still staring into my mother’s eyes unsure of the strange feelings I was now experiencing. She held my gaze for a minute or two until I was finally able to speak.

"Mom … is … is that really you?"

She smiled. “Of course it is sweetie … I’m so glad you approve. I agonized over what to wear and when I saw this in the store yesterday I just knew it would be perfect.”

I nodded silently in agreement and she smiled.

"C’mon Mom, ah … let’s head over to Sara’s. I’m kind of the cook, waitress and hostess tonight."

To the casual neighborhood observer I cannot imagine what might have raced through their minds if they had a chance to watch me and my mom walk over to Sara’s. If we were living in downtown Houston I’m sure we would have been solicited a dozen times before we got to her front door.

When I opened the door and walked in ahead of my mother Sara came strutting out from the bedroom to greet me. She was in her bare feet wearing a black draped halter dress with an extreme deep-plunge front. The dress had a sexy asymmetrical hem I just loved. She looked terrific and I could tell by the way she smiled at me she was extremely pleased with my efforts.

She put her arms around me and started to kiss me. That was when my mother walked in.

"Ah-hum, hi ladies."

Sara went rigid in my arms. Her eyes opened and she looked over at my mother standing inside the doorway and then back at me and then at my mother once again, as we slowly parted.

"Oh uhhh … hi Colleen."

Then she looked at me. “I wish you would have told me that your mother was right behind you, Cat?”

Colleen came up to us and then hugged Sara.

"It’s perfectly fine, Sara. I’m really happy that you two have found each other."

Sara looked at my Mom and then slowly smiled, as she started to hug her back. “I really, really love your daughter Colleen and I promise you that she’ll always know that.”

My mother smiled at Sara and then kissed her on the cheek. “That’s all any parent could ever want for their child. I know how much she loves you and I could not be any happier for you both.”

It was strange to stand around and listen to this conversation as if I wasn’t even there. But, as awkward as it was, I didn’t mind it too much. I really loved what was said by Sara and then by my Mom. I walked up to them in the middle of their embrace and put my arms around them. It was probably a sappy gesture, but in the twenty-first century I guess we constituted some semblance of a family. I think we all seemed to realize that at the same moment.

As we were all fully getting into the group hug we heard a car door close.

"God, I hope that’s only Erin and Cheryl, I don’t think my heart could handle any more surprises for a while," I said, as I separated from my Mom and Sara and headed to the door to greet them.

I watched Erin and Cheryl as they got out of the car and started to walk up to the door hand-in-hand. I wondered if Sara and I looked that at ease when we were out in public as a couple. Then I realized we have never been out in public as a couple. I vowed that would change - starting tomorrow.

As I pondered that thought further, I realized that today was our anniversary - of sorts. It has been one week since we first met. Wow! It feels so natural being around her. It seems like we’ve always been together.

"Cat … hello, Earth to Cat."

I came back from my out-of-body experience and realized Erin and Cheryl were standing right in front of me. Then Erin whispered to me, as if anyone but Cheryl could hear her.

"Are you high, sweetie?"

For an instant I contemplated the legal ramifications of Erin asking me that question in front of the Deputy District Attorney.

"Oh sorry guys, I was actually looking at you two walking up here and wondered whether Sara and I were that at-ease in public."

Cheryl laughed. “Well, if it makes you feel any better, I asked Erin the same question when we watched you guys leave our place last weekend.”

We all laughed at the subtle irony.

"By the way Cat, you look utterly incredible. Are we under-dressed for this evening?" Erin asked.

Until now I hadn’t even noticed what they were wearing, but as a result of Erin’s question I stepped back and looked at what they had on.

In case I haven’t mentioned this before, Erin comes from really incredible genes. Her mother was a first runner-up at the Miss Texas competition when she was Erin’s age and I think Erin is much prettier than her mother. She’s about 5’ 9” – nearly the same height as Sara – and she has very long natural platinum blond hair. Her body shape is very much like mine, fairly narrow, and her measurements are about 34-23-34. If she wears any make-up at all it’s usually just lip gloss. After all, sometimes it’s just impossible to improve on God’s work.

Before she was with Cheryl Erin would always dress to the nines, and with all that firepower at her disposal she could be lethal. Since she’s been with Cheryl, she has toned down dramatically. Now she’s much more conservative. Today she was wearing a simple floral micro mini skirt, a coral top that left her incredibly tight midriff exposed, and perfectly matching coral flip-flops. I don’t know where Erin gets her flip-flops, but she must have colors to match every outfit she owns. I never even knew those things came in that color.

I know Cheryl is barely in her forties, but she doesn’t look it or act it and she certainly doesn’t dress like it. She was wearing a draped neck, low cut scarf hem dress in black and matching three inch dress heels. As always, she looked incredible.

"I think you both look terrific and you’re certainly not underdressed."

We walked into the house and I introduced my mother to Cheryl. Then everyone exchanged compliments, hugged and kissed. While I made drinks Sara gave Erin and Cheryl a quick tour of the house.

The usual pleasantries went very well, as we all chatted and shared funny stories on the sofa. Thanks to my mother’s help I got dinner and the wine served and it turned out to be a real success. I was especially glad to see that Sara was quite taken with my cooking ability, since she was the only one I really cared to impress.

We moved to the patio after dinner and finished our wine and cordials, and we all seemed to be in a very mellow mood. I wondered all week how Erin and Cheryl could become intimate without it being extremely awkward or embarrassing. I suspected that everyone else was wondering the same thing about now. I smiled. After about thirty more minutes they’d all know.

When I thought the timing was about right, I suggested that we all move back to the living room. Of course no one objected, and when they all followed me in they were both surprised and amused to find a ‘Twister’ floor mat in front of the sofa. Erin immediately looked over at me and gave me a ‘thumbs up.’

"Oh wow, I haven’t played this game since law school," Cheryl said, with a chuckle.

"I don’t think I’ve played it since high school," my mother added, grabbing Cheryl’s arm and laughing.

Now, in case you don’t know about Twister, let me fill you in. There’s a large 4’ X 5’ floor mat that’s covered in colored circles. There’s also a spinner which is divided into quarters by color, and each quadrant specifies either right hand, left hand, right foot or left foot. That’s all you get in the box when you buy the game.

With each spin the players must keep their hands and feet on the prescribed color, but two people cannot occupy the same circle. Of course, as you can no doubt imagine, the players are quickly placed in precarious positions and eventually someone is forced to fall. The last one with only their hands and feet on the mat wins. I was not expecting to see a winner tonight.

"Okay, I guess we all know the rules." I began. "Because it suggests that we not exceed four players due to space limitations, I will be the official spinner and the referee."

There were the usual boos and hisses that I expected and we all laughed after they eventually subsided.

"Enough! I suggest that you ALL start to curry a little favor with the referee instead of sneering at her."

Everyone laughed and then Sara came up behind me and started to grind her pussy against my butt.

"I am so into trying to curry favor with the referee," she said playfully.

Of course everyone laughed and I playfully bent over and raised my butt up to Sara and made a mock rotating motion.

"Okay ya’ll, off with the shoes and let the games begin," I announced in my best referee-like tone.

There are two ways to play the game. Everyone moves collectively or you spin for the players individually. I thought the latter option would provide more sexual excitement.

The quests went first. But after six spins all four women were on the mat looking at each other and at me, laughing their asses off. Cheryl and Erin had one foot and one hand on the mat, while Mom was still standing upright on both feet. Mom and Cheryl seemed to be barely touching each other, but Sara – who was on both hands- stayed more to the side, away from the other ladies. Now it would start to get interesting.

With the next spin Cheryl now had one hand and two feet on the mat and she was facing away from me. I was sitting comfortably on the sofa less than six feet away and had a great view of her gorgeous ass. Not surprisingly, she was not wearing any panties.

Then my mom went down on a hand next to Cheryl, but not touching her. Now I was getting a pretty good view of my Mom’s ass as well and, as I suspected, she was wearing a thong.

Next it was Erin’s turn and she positioned herself between Cheryl and Mom, in a way that had her top riding up and her boobs were almost fully exposed to my mother.

I was about to spin for Sara when she put her index finger across her lips and left the mat, coming over to join me on the sofa.

"Shhhh. Keep spinning," she said in a whisper.

She put her index finger in her mouth and then took the wet finger and made her way under my skirt. I moved my thighs apart to make it as easy as I could for her to enter me. I drew a sharp breath when she did, but with all the laughing and other comments going on out there on the mat no one paid any attention to the referee getting pleasured on the sidelines.

"Whoa, someone has gotten her pussy pierced," Sara whispered into my ear, before playfully biting my hoop earring and tugging on it.

"Uh … huh. Do you like it?" I barely managed to get the words out.

"Oh yes lover, I like it – I like it very much," she whispered again. "Should I get mine done too?"

I nodded enthusiastically and exhaled deeply, as Sara found my ‘G’ spot.

Over on the mat it was Cheryl’s turn.

"Ah … right hand – red," I said, this time without even bothering to spin.

Cheryl looked around at the possible combinations available to her and began working herself into a near pretzel. For the life of me I could not figure out what she was trying to accomplish, but when she was finished and was fully situated on the mat it was clear. Cheryl’s butt was now less than twelve inches from my Mom’s face and the only way she was not getting a great view of Cheryl’s pussy was if her eyes were closed.

Mom was next and when I called out left hand - green, my mother remained motionless.

It was getting very difficult to be the referee. Sara had gotten off the couch and was positioned between my legs, licking me in the most playful manner. Then I placed my legs over her shoulders and she really got serious.

I looked at my mother and she still hadn’t moved. “Ah, Mom, I said left hand - green.”

My mother suddenly seemed to come out of her coma and she looked around for a green circle. When she found one, she was now positioned alongside Cheryl and they were nearly eye-to-eye, facing each other. Erin’s turn was next.

"Left hand – bl uhh … blue," I managed, in broken English.

I watched as Erin now moved directly behind Cheryl on all fours. She was no longer concerned with remaining on the circles; I could tell she was finally ready to play. Then she moved her head under Cheryl’s dress and I could tell that Cheryl was enjoying every bit of the attention.

I looked at Cheryl’s reaction and by the way she inhaled deeply I knew exactly when Erin hit the mark. My mother was still looking into Cheryl’s face seemingly oblivious to what Erin was doing, but probably wondering exactly what was happening. I had a feeling the real game was about to begin.

With the way Sara was treating me, it was hard to keep watching the women on the floor, but I had too much at stake not to and I had to know how this was going to play out.

Cheryl now had a dreamy expression on her face and I could see her eyes rolling back a time or two, as Erin worked her magic. I knew what she was experiencing because I was certainly well aware of what Erin’s very talented tongue could do. I think my mother was also starting to realize what was happening, but she probably had no idea that she was directly in the center of it all.

I could tell Cheryl wanted some sort of oral activity to distract her and my Mom was too convenient to pass up. She moved her head closer to Mom and their lips slowly met. I thought the kiss was both passionate and beautiful, but what moved me to goose bumps was seeing these two gorgeous older women kissing in front of me. It was one of the most erotic sights I’ve ever seen.

Sara had repositioned me slightly so that I was now further down on the sofa, giving her better access between my legs. Despite my efforts to the contrary, I closed my eyes as I approached my orgasm and then I locked my legs around Sara’s head.

With all the physical and visual stimulation coming at me I knew I was teetering on the edge of a pretty intense climax. As soon as I pulled her head tightly against my pussy Sara stopped licking and then she sucked my entire clit into her mouth. My orgasm erupted inside me and it was so intense it literally made me curl my toes and kick my heels off.

I didn’t know how long my eyes had been closed, but when I finally opened them I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Erin, Cheryl and Mom were naked and in a daisy-chain on the floor in front of me.

My mouth nearly fell open. I’ve been a lesbian all my life and I’ve never been part of a daisy-chain before. My mother drops in and visits for a couple days and all of sudden she’s part of a Cheryl and Erin sandwich. This green-eyed monster was starting to show herself and I knew it.

Sara got up off the floor and sat next to me on the sofa after licking me to an intense orgasm.

"Ummm, just look at your Mom go," she whispered into my ear as she pinched my nipple between her thumb and index finger. "From this vantage point it sure looks like she enjoys playing Twister with Erin and Cheryl."

I turned to look at Sara for an instant and then returned my gaze to the sexfest going on before me.

"Yes, it would certainly seem so."

Sara must have noticed something up in my tone, or perhaps my rancor was more obvious than I thought. She took her freehand and put it to my chin and then gently moved my face towards her.

"Look you … I think we both believe in the same thing – a loving, trusting, monogamous relationship … am I right?"

I furrowed my brow as I considered her question for a moment. The answer seemed so terribly obvious I thought I might be missing something.

"Yes … of course."

Sara smiled at me when she heard my response, and then she gently ran her nails along my jaw line down to my neck. It always gave me goose bumps when she did that.

She looked at the three women on the floor totally enjoying each other’s efforts and then back at me.

"If you want, we can both participate … or we can go into the bedroom by ourselves."

I looked at the orgy on the floor and then at Sara. “Is this a test?”

Sara laughed and then hugged me. “Of course not, silly. I think it’s safe to say that we both know how we feel about each other. And although my preference is to always have you all to myself, there may be times — like now for instance — when I’m willing to make certain allowances. We’re both here AND if we both participate, I think we’re mature enough to handle it. There may be situations where I WON’T feel that way and I’ll certainly let you know it. But today I’m fine whether we stay here and play with them … or go off by ourselves in the bedroom. It’s entirely your call – BUT, you need to know that there is one important condition.”

I nodded and then looked into her eyes. “One condition … what’s the condition?”

She looked at me for a long time without speaking. I didn’t know whether to smile or act serious, so I did neither.

"If you want to join them for the fun of it, that’s one thing. If you want to do it because you still have strong feelings for Erin, then I think you owe it to me to come clean. After all, I just walked out of a 5-year marriage for you."

If any other woman would have asked me that question, the answer would have been very difficult. For me now it was absolutely a no-brainer.

"Whoa … I don’t ever want you to wonder or worry about that – you have no rivals for my love and affection. Let’s go into the bedroom."

Her expression went from serious, to emotionless, and then finally tears started to flow from her eyes.

"I think I would have died if you hadn’t said that."

We hugged and kissed and hugged again. When we parted she was smiling.

"It was hard for me to let my eighteen year old lover know I had a jealous streak. But now that you’ve allayed that fear, let’s stay."

Now I was getting confused. “Are you really sure you want to?”

She kissed me. “I’m pretty sure. Do you want to be with Erin?”

I looked into her eyes and then at the three women on the floor, who were obviously in utter bliss. Then I looked back at Sara.

"I hope you don’t think I’m weird or that I’m some sexual deviant here, but it’s not Erin I want to be with. I think I want to … I mean I would like to …"

I couldn’t bring myself to say the words.

Sara studied my expression closely and then looked at the three beautiful bodies squirming on the floor. The sounds of sexual delight and those wondrous female smells were now wafting through the room and I was starting to get moist all over again.

"You little minx, you want to do your mother, don’t you?"

My eyes opened wide and for a moment I considered denying it, but I’ve always been a terrible liar and I also I saw no point in it. I looked down at the sofa cushion between us to avoid her stare and nodded.

Sara used her hand to raise my face, until we were making eye contact once again.

"It’s okay baby, there’s nothing wrong with those feelings. Do you want to do her or have her do you?"

I didn’t need to think about the response this time.


She smiled. “Okay, then let’s get into it.”

She stood first and then took my hand and helped me off the sofa. We shed the rest of our clothes and then we walked hand-in-hand around the three women trying to determine our point of entry.

Cheryl was pleasuring my mother, so I immediately knew where I wanted to be. I pointed down indicating my preference and Sara nodded. Then she looked around and pointed to my mother licking Erin’s pussy.

"If you take tails, I’ll take heads." Sara said, with a smile.

I smiled back and nodded. Then I kneeled down to whisper into Cheryl’s ear, while Sara did the same to my mother. It had a sort of rippling effect and caused all three women to stop and reposition themselves in order to widen the circle to let us in.

When my mother looked up and saw that I was going to be servicing her, she was all smiles. She leaned over and kissed me in a very un-motherly sort of way that involved considerable tongue. I wasn’t surprised I found myself responding to the kiss.

All three women had to vocally feign shock and surprise at a mother and daughter sexually interacting. At first Mom and I turned a little red and then we finally laughed it off. A minute later everyone seemed to settle back into their new position and I was now staring at something I’d never seen before.

I was not surprised to see my mother was totally shaved, since that seems to be the style today. And I certainly wasn’t surprised to see how incredibly sexy her pussy looked – and it definitely did. What caused me to take a brief moment to deliberate was recognizing that the opening now before me was my portal from the womb to the planet. The entire moment was incredibly moving and beautiful to me.

I knew that Cheryl was licking me, but it did not have the effect on me that I thought it would. I personally think Cheryl is an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman, but I wouldn’t trade what she was doing to me now with the way Sara took care of my pussy for all the tea in China. But since I really wanted to focus my attention on pleasuring my mother it was probably a good thing.

I didn’t know if I would ever do this to my mother again, but I decided that I was going to give her the best orgasm she ever received from oral sex. And with that goal I began.

I lubricated my index finger with her own lubrication and very slowly worked it inside my mother’s ass. Then I started gently kissing and licking her outside labia. It was a dual turn-on for me, not just beginning to orally service my mother, but to also taste Cheryl’s saliva as well. It just seemed to make it that much more naughty to me.

After kissing and lightly biting the outside area I moved to the inside labia and used my hand to open the lips and begin to kiss and lick them, while I continued to work my index finger deeper into my mother.

I had no way of gagging how my mother typically responded during sex. If this was Sara I would have been surprised at how wet she was becoming, and because my mother was getting so wet it was really turning me on, something I’m sure Cheryl was now witnessing first hand.

My mother was responding intensely to what I was doing, as I felt her body shudder or spasm frequently. And I guess I could have continued playing with her pussy for hours, but I wanted to make her cum so badly, so I decided to try my best to launch her into orbit.

My index finger was now as far into my Mom’s ass as it could go. I continued pulling it out as far as my knuckle and then forcing it back in. I could sense that she was really enjoying it, because she was trying to move her ass back to meet my finger, insuring maximum penetration. Recognizing her efforts for what they were I tried desperately to oblige her.

I used two fingers on my free hand to enter her pussy. As soon as I located her ‘G’ spot I felt a huge shudder occur throughout her body. With Sara I would have known immediately that she was getting close to reaching her climax, but had still not cum. However, I had no such experience with my mother to guide me, so I was guessing the entire time.

As I kissed and nibbled on the edge of her inside lips I continued to work one index finger in and out of my mother’s ass, as the fingers on my other hand were now in a constant rhythm rubbing against her ‘G’ spot. When I thought she had to be getting close to cumming, I sucked her entire clitoral hood into my mouth and then using my tongue, I found that little pearl and I began to ferociously rim the edges of it. I tried to make a mental note to myself that one day I wanted to tell Sara that this was how I wanted her to do me, but I was getting so turned on by what I was doing to my Mom at the moment that I just knew I’d forget.

I don’t know how long I had been playing with her clit when I felt spasms that were far more intense than any I previously felt. My mother’s body seemed to buck repeatedly and then I got the surprise of my life. I found out my mother was a squirter.

My mother sprayed her fluids all over my face about five separate times. When the first one hit me I tried to catch it all in my mouth and then I realized that the task was just too overwhelming. Before my mother finished I felt my own body begin to spasm and then my own orgasm ripped through me. I had a feeling it was more the result of what happened between me and my mother just now than anything Cheryl had done between my legs.

I stayed there licking and kissing my Mom’s very wet pussy for several more minutes. When I felt her roll onto her back I was surprised to see that Sara, Erin and Cheryl were kneeling next to me intently watching everything we were doing. I rolled over onto my back and looked up at them. I didn’t know whether to be happy or feel embarrassed.

My mother had calmed down and turned to see what was happening. That was when Sara bent down and began to lovingly lick my mother’s fluids off my face. As soon as Erin and Cheryl saw that, they circled around me and started doing the same thing. It seemed like a primitive mating ritual of sorts, but it was really turning me on.

Five or ten minutes later it was finally quiet in the room as each woman lay on her back feeling totally spent. Each person was touching or stroking someone else and everyone was enjoying the feeling that accompanied the aftermath of a wonderfully fulfilling sexual experience.

Erin got up on her knees and crawled over and kissed me on the lips and then dragged her hand across my pussy and gently pulled on my new gold ring.

"Ohhh … easy," I responded.

"Nice piercing there, girl. Let’s definitely do this again, Cat. Cheryl and I had a great time, but it’s getting late and we need to run."

She kissed me again and started searching for their clothes. I looked up at the clock on the wall and was surprised to see that it was nearly midnight. As I heard the front door open and close moments later, I knew that it was now just Sara, me and Mom.

I sat up with my back against the sofa and immediately saw Sara lying off by herself. Then she got up, crawled over to me, sat down next to me and took my hand in hers and just held it tight without saying anything. My mother was lying on her back directly in front of us and I could see that her breathing was still somewhat accelerated. She opened her eyes and looked at me and then at Sara.

"Holy shit … I’m pretty sure that was the most intense orgasm I ever had. Somehow it doesn’t seem enough to just say thanks, sweetie."

I smiled at her and then looked at Sara and she smiled at me.

"It was my pleasure, Mom."

Then it occurred to me that I really wanted to get her take on the whole night.

"So tell me Mom … was it what you expected or did it disappoint you in any way?"

Using some effort she sat up and criss-crossed her legs and looked at both of us, as she seemed to really consider the question.

"It was really terrific, but I don’t think that I would totally swear off guys for good. I guess maybe I must be bisexual. I was as turned on as I have ever been with a guy and for that reason I would definitely like to do this again – especially with you two, if you ever want to invite me back."

I looked at Sara. She looked back at me and we smiled. Then Sara looked at my mother and took her hand.

"Now what kind of lover would I be if I ever came between a loving mother and her daughter? Come to think of it … maybe cumming between a loving mother and her daughter is exactly where I want to be."

We all laughed at Sara’s comment. Then I stood and winked at Sara and my Mom and I walked towards the bedroom. When I got to the hallway I turned around and looked back at Sara and Mom. They were still seated on the floor watching me.

"Well, c’mon ladies. Cat wants to get your tongue."