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Soccer Mom

Clara Walsh had lost her husband two years ago in a car accident and was raising her teenage daughter Maddie by herself. Clara had not even considered another man and her only sexual fulfillment was her six inch dildo, the same one she had pleasured herself with back in college. She had no idea of the technological advances in the erotic toy industry.

Clara received a large sum of money from her husband’s life insurance, and spent her days writing her novel. She also made sure to spend as much time as she could with her 18 year old daughter, who would be going to college in the fall in New York, thousands of miles away from her.

Clara had raven black hair and green-blue eyes, that seemed to change based on her mood. She was short, at 5’2, and had large, only slightly sagging 40d breasts.

Layla, our soccer coach and protagonist, had only conversed with Clara once but had learned from that brief conversation that Clara was a widow. Layla didn’t attempt to aggressively seduce the pretty MILF or MIPS (Mom I Plan to Seduce as Layla referred to her), but rather flattered her with innuendo-filled compliments…planting a seed in the beautiful, shy, soccer Mom…one she hoped to soon nurture.


Layla left Sammantha’s house early before the rich sub had woken up, and went back to the dorm. She showered and got ready for her next seduction. She dressed casually in a t-shirt and jeans, her hair in a pony-tail, and grabbed her duffle bag of toys. She drove to Clara Walsh’s home just before lunch. A tingle went up her spine as she considered her plan for this seduction. Unlike the aggressive approach that worked so easily for Sammantha Jones, a much more delicate approach was needed if the seduction of the shy MILF was going to work.

Layla arrived and knocked on her door. After a couple of minutes of waiting, just when Layla began to think no one was home, the door opened and Clara opened it. The surprised look on her face was adorable in Layla’s mind. Layla immediately spoke, “Hi, Mrs. Walsh, sorry to bother you, but I have some paperwork I need you to fill out for your daughter.”

"Oh, OK," Clara replied, letting her daughter’s soccer coach in.

Layla came in, took off her runners and followed the casually dressed Clara into the kitchen.

"Can I get you anything to drink?" the pretty, shy MILF asked.

"Sure, anything you have," Layla politely replied.

"Iced tea?"

"Sounds yummy."

Once the iced tea was poured and both were sitting at the kitchen table, Layla handed the Mother some forms that Layla had fabricated.

Mrs. Walsh looked them over and surprised Layla by saying, “I like how you dealt with that Mrs. Jones situation.”

"Oh, thanks," Layla replied sincerely, "I have learned that women like her need to be put in their place."

"Oh," Mrs. Walsh responded, slightly confused.

"I just mean that she is used to getting her way always and I don’t play that game," Layla explained, confidence oozing out of her.

"Of course," Mrs. Walsh responded, rubbing her neck.

Layla, seeing her opportunity, offered, “Let me give you a neck massage, Mrs. Walsh, you look stiff.”

"Oh, no, no, no, I am fine," Clara responded.

Layla ignored the Mother’s weak resistance, standing up and explaining, “It’s ok, Mrs. Walsh, I have taken a couple of classes in massage therapy, it’s my minor.” Before the prey could resist, Layla put her hands on her shoulders and began to massage.

Clara could not believe how nice the soccer coach’s hands felt. Although the massage was innocent and gentle, it was stirring confused emotions inside the older woman. It had been a long time since she had been touched at all, and she was greatly enjoying the feeling of being touched, even if it was just a friendly massage.

After a few minutes of massaging the MILF’s neck, Layla attempted to move the seduction forward by suggesting, “Mrs. Walsh, your back seems stiff too. Can we go someplace where you can lie down?”

Clara was hesitant briefly. She thought for a second that Layla’s intentions were more than just friendly, but she dismissed that thought as silly and she said, inviting the inevitable, “Only the bedroom.”

Layla smiled, reaching for her duffle bag, an innocent next-door-neighbour smile hiding the dark naughtiness that she had in mind, “Well, let’s go then.”

Clara led the seductress coach to her room and then hesitated again, second thoughts bouncing in her head.

Layla could tell the MILF was at the pivotal moment and suggested, before the MILF had time to think things through, “Lay down on your belly, Mrs. Walsh.”

As Clara followed the suggestion, she offered, “Layla, please call me Clara.”

Layla tossed the duffle bag on the bed and straddled her latest prey and began the gentle massage. After about five minutes, she suggested, although the tone was more an order, “Clara, if you took off your shirt I could give you a much better massage.”

Clara considered this. It was one thing to get a massage by a woman; it was another to get one without a shirt on.

Layla, sensing the shy MILF’s indecision, pointed out, “Clara, if you were at a masseuse you would be in only your panties. And I am trained in the art of massage.”

That seemed logical to Clara and she took off her shirt, with just a little hesitation.

A smile crossed Layla’s face. Clara was falling completely into the seductive web Layla was spinning. She returned her soft hands to the MILF’s white skin and continued a smooth, muscle relaxing, seducing deceiving, massage.

Clara’s mind began to wander as the young coach put her in a state of relaxation. Her eyes closed, her mind went blank, she just allowed the girl’s hands to release what was clearly a heavy load of stress.

Layla pointed out, “Clara, your body has desperately needed this. You are so tight.”

Clara gave out a soft whimper, that could have sounded like a sexual moan, but wasn’t. “I guess I have been more stressed than I thought I was.”

Attempting to build more trust and comfort between her and the pretty mother, Layla comforted, “It must be tough raising a teenager on your own, even if she is as good a kid as Maddie is.”

The completely relaxed and now no longer emotionally guarded Clara replied, “Yes, Maddie is great. I just always worry about her. She is pretty shy and has never had a lot of friends. She is insecure like me, I suppose.”

Layla, her hands just touching the pretty mom’s ass crack, flattered, “How could you be insecure Clara? You are a beautiful woman, a great mother and still have an amazing body.”

Clara’s face flamed red, not used to such flattery. Her head and loins also reeled with the sudden inkling that this beautiful young woman could be seducing her. “Oh Layla, I do not have an amazing body.”

"I beg to differ," Layla countered, using the opportunity to unhook the MILF’s bra. "You have large still firm breasts, by the looks of it. You have an ass to die for and you don’t seem to have an ounce of body fat. I hope I look half as good as you when I am 40."

Clara, feeling awkward by the aggressive flattery and the unhooking of her bra, attempted to come up with a polite way to end this. Yet, nothing came to her mind, and the pleasant tingling down below was causing her not to think straight. “I am too skinny,” Clara argued.

Realizing that Clara was one of those women who hated her own body, even though it was better than almost any other her age, Layla decided to scold her, “Clara, enough!”

"Pardon?" a surprised Clara reacted confused at the scolding tone of her daughter’s soccer coach.

"You have to stop self-loathing yourself. It is what so many girls do. You are way more attractive than you think. Do you think your daughter is pretty?"

"Yes, of course," Clara responded.

"Well, your daughter is the spitting image of you. So if she is pretty, than you are pretty by default."

Clara considered this. Her confidence began to grow, ever so slightly. “I suppose.”

"No ‘I suppose’," Layla reprimanded, her fingers now sliding inside the very top of Clara’s shorts. "You know."

Distracted greatly by the girl’s fingers just barely inside her shorts, not really sexual, just in a place someone’s fingers usually aren’t. Clara replied, “Ok, ok, I am.”

"I am what?" Layla questioned, wanting to hear the MILF say it.

"I am attractive," Clara announced, although her tone implied she didn’t really believe it.

"Oh come on, Clara. Say it with conviction."

"I am pretty," Clara countered, her tone showing the slightest glimpse of confidence. Clara pondered why this pretty, confident, girl would be even bothering with someone like her.

"Better, Clara. But you are not pretty. A seven year old is pretty. You are beautiful."

Clara’s face went even a darker shade of red. Hearing the young girl’s words over and over, she began to believe it was true. “I am beautiful,” she beamed, her voice showing a confidence she had lost long ago.

"You are gorgeous," Layla continued, the flattery clearly working, her finger slowly teasing the MILF’s ass crack.

"I am gorgeous," Clara repeated, like a mantra.

Layla surprised Clara by flipping her over on her back.

Clara’s large 40D breasts now completely uncovered and her erect nipples displaying the excitement she couldn’t conceal, she suddenly was like a teen girl…riddled with anxiety, excitement and insecurity.

The half naked MILF attempted to cover her breasts, but Layla stopped her with a single word, “Don’t.”

Clara, for reasons she could not even begin to fathom, obeyed, staring into the hypnotic blue eyes of her daughter’s coach.

Layla, her smile wide, continued the self-confidence seminar, leaning forward a bit, and whispered, “You are sexy.”

Clara was mesmerized by the blonde’s blue eyes, luscious lips and soft tone. She knew now what Layla’s intentions were and although she was scared, she lay on her bed waiting nervously the young girl’s next move.

Layla, leaning closer, her firm 34B breasts, still barely concealed in her white t-shirt, her hard nipples protruding through the fabric, repeated, “You are sexy.”

Clara’s mind was reeling, the girl’s voice dripped sexual seduction and Clara felt her panties getting damp. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been even close to this sexually excited…in college? High school? Never? She stammered, weakly, her tone showing her complete distraction at what Layla was doing to her, “I-I-I am sexy.”

Layla’s smile shifted slightly from sweet to sexy, “Clara is hot.”

"Clara is hot," Clara repeated, in a sexual trance.

Layla’s lips now at Clara’s ear, her breasts slightly pressing on Clara’s, “Clara is fucking hot.”

Clara let out a soft moan, Layla’s breath doing a number to her ear. “Clara is f-f-fucking hot,” the innocent mother struggled to say.

Layla’s lips nibbled on the MILF’s ear, ever-so-gently, “Clara is a sweet ass MILF.”

"M-M-MILF?" Clara stammered, unfamiliar with the term.

Layla’s tongue slid into the older woman’s ear, her voice dripping with sexual prowess, “Mother I’d Like to Fuck.”

A moan escaped Clara’s lips.

Layla’s lips let go of Clara’s ear and she moved until she was eye to eye with the horny and overwhelmed MILF.

Time stood still for Clara, who desperately wanted Layla to kiss her. She could feel her heart beating so loud and fast she thought the young coach could hear and feel it.

Layla whispered, going in for the kill, but unlike most seductions, with compassion and tenderness, “Clara, I think you are a beautiful woman and way hotter than that rich bitch Sammantha.” Layla’s hand slid down the MILF’s side and down between her thighs, just inches from the older woman’s cunt. “I want you Clara. I want you so fucking bad. But I won’t do anything unless you ask me to, unless you want me to.”

Clara was stunned. She desperately wanted Layla to kiss her, to touch her wet vagina and to lick her erect nipples, but saying it out loud was impossible for the shy woman.

Layla’s hand rested between the MILF’s legs, just barely touching her shorts. Layla’s eyes bored into the weakening, horny mother. Seeing the adorable older woman so close to submitting was the ultimate high. Unlike most women she seduced, she didn’t want to Domme Clara, she wanted to make love to her. But she also wanted, desperately needed as well, to have Clara ask, that was part of the thrill, the utter submission, the begging, and the uncontrollable desire to submit. She repeated, her tone just giving the slightest hint of an order, “Tell me what you want, Clara.” She paused a couple of seconds before promising, “When you do, I will give you pleasure unlike any you have ever experienced.”

Clara desperately wanted to feel that pleasure, but didn’t know what to say. As she attempted to put into words what she wanted, she felt her daughter’s soccer coach’s finger slowly slide across the front of her shorts. A loud, undeniable, moan escaped her lips and now desperate to allow this young coach to bring her to orgasmic bliss, she finally got the words out. “Layla, please.”

"Please, what?" Layla asked, her finger now putting pressure on the MILF’s pussy lips through the restrictive clothing.

Clara desperate now, no longer able to resist the growing desire she had felt since she first talked with the pretty coach, begged, “Please, help me come.”

The words now out there, Layla sat up and silently undid the Mom’s shorts.

Clara assisted like a good, horny woman, lifting up her ass so the soccer coach could quickly pull of the fabric barrier that was preventing the pure bliss Clara now desperately craved.

Layla, her smile still wide, pulled off her prey’s shorts and panties off with tiger-like speed. But Layla was a seductress and instead of going to the older woman’s trimmed pussy, as Clara assumed would happen, she moved back up and again was eye to eye with the MILF. Her lips gently brushed the older woman’s.

Clara reacted by attempting to kiss Layla, but Layla moved away, teasing the older woman.

Layla went to the vulnerable woman’s neck and began to cover her with kisses. Clara’s neck went red on each touch. A couple of minutes later, she moved back to the MILF’s lips and leaned in for the fireworks.

Clara so eager to feel the young girl’s lips, opened her mouth slightly and felt a chill go through her entire body when, finally, their lips touched. A sudden clarity popped into her head. She had for way too long ignored her sexual desires. No more! She melded into the young girl, whose kiss started gentle and sweet, but became more passionate as time went on. It was Clara who boldly slid her tongue into the soccer coach’s mouth, increasing the sexual passion between them.

Layla finally broke the kiss, her own body betraying her for once too. She felt her pussy getting wet from the sweetness of the older woman’s lips. She smiled again and spoke for the first time in minutes, “Have you ever been with a woman?”

"No," Clara admitted.

"You’re beautiful, Clara. I mean that," Layla said, her hand moving between Clara’s legs. "And oh my, you are very, very wet. Did I get you that wet?"

"Y-y-yes," a very embarrassed Clara admitted.

"Don’t be ashamed, Clara. We are doing nothing wrong," Layla comforted, her finger slowly splitting the MILF’s wet pussy lips.

Clara let out another moan. She stammered, “B-b-but I am way too old for you.”

Layla’s finger slowly slid inside the horny MILF, “Age is irrelevant, sexy. I want you and you need this, don’t you?”

"Yes," Clara admitted, not knowing how this had all happened, but also knowing she now needed it more than anything else she could possibly remember needing.

Layla kissed her one last time and slowly moved down to the Mom’s still firm breasts. She took the MILF’s left nipple into her mouth while slowly fingering the MILF’s pussy.

Clara’s moans increased with each slow thrust. Layla could tell the MILF was close so she stopped the finger-fucking. Clara, out of character, begged, “Nooooooooo, please don’t stop.”

Layla smiled, “All good things come to those that wait.” Layla moved to the MILF’s other breast and bit the nipple gently.

Clara lay there feeling sparks with each nipple bite. Her pussy was begging for release, but completely at the whim of the powerful blonde. She couldn’t believe how good Layla made her feel and how on the edge of complete bliss she was.

Layla moved back up and kissed Clara again, this time probing the sexy older woman’s mouth with her tongue. Layla broke the kiss again and asked, already knowing the answer, “Do you want to come, beautiful?”

"Desperately," Clara whimpered, her eyes pleading to be pleasured.

Layla kissed her quickly one more time and slithered down the MILF’s body with her tongue. Manoeuvring between Clara’s mounds of flesh, she continued down south to the older woman’s petite belly button. Layla whirlpooled her tongue around and around, ruthlessly teasing the horny mom.

Clara’s moans continued. She was so desperate to orgasm that she surprised herself and Layla when she pushed Layla’s head down.

Layla smile to herself and asked, “What do you want me to do Clara?”

"Lick me, please?"

"Where?" Layla asked, wanting to hear the sweet woman say the words.

"My vagina," Clara moaned.

"Don’t you mean your pussy?" Layla asked, her face now directly in front of the MILF’s wet pussy.

Clara could feel the girl’s breath on her vagina and moaned, no longer remotely worried about propriety, “Yes, Layla, my pussy, please lick my pussy.”

Layla continued to push the boundaries of the pretty MILF. “Do you want me to eat your cunt?”

Layla did one quick lick and Clara screamed, “AAAAAhhhhhhh, yes, eat my cunt.”

Layla had never tasted a girl’s pussy first…never! One of the rules of Domme power was to always make the sub beg to please you, make them give in to you completely first. To have them hold onto their desperate need to orgasm for as long as possible. Once a woman has orgasmed, she may see straight and the shame and guilt of their desire may prevent them from completely submitting. This was the cardinal rule of Domming. But there was always a first for everything and Layla savoured the MILF’s sweetness. Layla felt a different kind of power. Unlike the Domme thrill she usually felt when she crushed some powerful unsuspecting woman, she felt a different thrill as she brought this shy, insecure woman to an orgasm. As expected, it took less than a minute to get The MILF off the first time.

Clara was already leaking a bit, but when her orgasm was triggered, her juices flooded out like a dam that finally burst. She screamed, “Oh my Godddddd, I’m comiiiiing.” Her legs stiffened and she grabbed the sheets to hold onto as her body quaked like it had never quaked before.

Layla though knew this was only the beginning of the pleasure parade and continued licking the MILF’s pussy, determined to get her off a second time. She blindly reached for her duffle bag of toys. Finding the vibrator, she pulled it out, turned it on high and, without warning, slid it into the still orgasming MILF.

Clara’s stunned voice echoed through the room, “Oh my, I can’t take it anymore, Layla.”

Layla ignored Clara’s plea and began to fuck the MILF with the toy while taking the MILF’s hard clit into her mouth.

Clara’s moans increased again as she crossed past the tickle tingle phase after an amazing orgasm and her body shifted into multiple orgasm mode.

Layla shook her mouth back and forth with Clara’s clit still between her lips, while fucking the MILF fast and furious with the toy. Layla continued the intense pleasure focus for a few minutes until she knew Clara was close again. Suddenly, Layla stopped, leaving the toy buried and buzzing inside Clara’s wet pussy. She demanded, “Close your legs together, sexy.”

Clara obeyed reluctantly and slightly confused, her face a contortion of pleasure and disappointment.

Layla smiled at the adorably cute horny soccer mom and asked, “Do you want to come again and again, baby?”

"Yes," she moaned, deliriously, the toy inside her driving her wild.

Layla without a word took off her skirt, revealing her perfectly firm breasts and erect nipples. Layla controlling the situation completely, as she always did, used Clara’s last name for the first time since the seduction began, “Do you like my tits, Mrs. Walsh?”

Clara’s eyes staring at Layla’s breasts stammered, “Y-y-yes.”

"Do you want to touch them?"


Layla leaned forward, her erect right nipple directly in front of the MILF’s face.

Clara reactively opened her mouth to take the big stiff nipple, but heard the young girl’s voice, “Beg to suck on my nipples, Mrs. Walsh.”

Clara’s face went a deep red again, realizing instantly what the beautiful, powerful young lady wanted from her. She considered it only briefly, but the reality was she desperately wanted to touch and suck on Layla’s breasts. Shy shyly begged, “Miss, can I please suck on your hard nipples?”

Layla happy with Clara, leaned forward and Clara took the nipple into her mouth. Layla was not surprised that Clara was very tender and sweet. She took her time using her tongue to roll over her nipple and used a fair amount of saliva as if to wash the nipple.

Clara decided she wanted to please Layla as best she could. So she tried to make love to the nipple, treat it like she would a cock when she used to have one to please. As Layla offered her the other nipple, Clara sucked it into her mouth and used her tongue to whirl around it, coating it with saliva. A tingle went straight to her pussy when she heard Layla moan from the attention Clara was giving her. Clara couldn’t believe how natural and great it felt to attempt to please a girl, something that had never really been a remote fantasy or consideration before meeting Layla. It was Clara, suddenly with a confidence she didn’t know even existed, that broke the lengthy nipple loving, “Lay on your back, Layla,” Clara commanded.

A surprised, yet curious, Layla obeyed the suddenly confident MILF, lying on her back, suddenly vulnerable…something she was not used to.

Clara moved between the young Domme’s toned legs, careful to keep the buzzing toy lodged inside her, and leaned forward taking Layla’s breast back into her mouth while cupping the firm flesh.

Layla, out of her comfort zone, was rigid at first, but quickly melted at the soft touch of the adorably sweet soccer Mom. Layla’s moans increased slightly, the dedication to her breasts giving her a warm feeling she seldom received when someone pleasured her tits.

Other than the quiet sound of the vibrator trapped inside the MILF and the soft and increasing moans of the sexy soccer coach, the room was utterly quiet.

Clara moved back and forth between the two firm breasts, utterly hypnotized by them, determined to please Layla completely. Clara finally let go of the coach’s perfect breasts and slid lower, struggling to keep the toy in her soaking wet pussy from slipping out.

Layla, trying to keep some resemblance of control, ordered, “Don’t you dare come, Clara.”

"Yes, ma’am," a smiling Clara responded, way more determined to make this young soccer coach beg to come than actually coming herself. She agreed, the longer the orgasm built up, the more intense and fulfilling it would be.

"Good peeeeeet," Layla moaned, distracted by the hot breath softly blowing on her clit.

Clara looked at the shaved pussy, suddenly self-conscious about how to please a woman. Her hesitation was brief before she decided to just replicate how she liked to be eaten. She began with slow, deliberate, teases, just enough of a touch to let Layla know she was there, but not enough to do more than tease her relentlessly.

Layla was amazed at how horny she was and how desperately she wanted to come. Part of her wanted to just grab the MILF’s head and bury it in her cunt, while another part wanted to just drift into sexual bliss and allow the soft, sweet pleasure to reverbrate in her forever.

Clara slowly began to put soft pressure on the soccer coach’s pussy lips, purposely ignoring the girl’s swollen clit. The journey was way more fun and tantalizing than the final destination. Layla’s moans continued, adding to Clara’s excitement. She used her tongue, like a small cock, slowly splitting her glistening pussy lips. The girl’s juice was surprisingly sweet and Clara was quickly becoming addicted to the girl’s delicious nectar. The scent lingered, intoxicating Clara in a way sex never had. Clara never wanted to leave her submissive, yet equally powerful, position. So focused on savouring the pretty girl’s perfect vagina, she completely forgot about the toy inside her.

Layla, conversely, was a sexual mess. She had never felt such pleasure without an orgasm, stuck in a perpetual state of numbness. The orgasm lingered there, like subtle waves on a still lake. Her eyes closed, she imagined Clara as more than just another sub; she imagined Clara as a lover. Such thoughts had not popped into her head since she was cruelly dumped when she was still high school by her first love, who had cheated on her. Layla decided then to never get too attached to another girl and instead treat sex for what it was…temporary euphoria…fleeting moments of sexual satisfaction, but never the intimacy and passion that could allow Layla to get hurt. But those feelings she had long ago were fluttering back and became stronger with each soft, gentle touch by the older woman.

Clara, now completely addicted to the coach’s sweet nectar, continued to savour the young girl’s sweet unique flavour. Her tongue now fully between Layla’s pussy lips, she used her tongue like a paint brush, a consistent up and down motion.

Layla could no longer keep quiet, the MILF’s tongue bringing a desire so intense, she felt if she didn’t explode soon she might literally explode. She whimpered, like so many of her slaves had pathetically done to her, “Please, Clara, I need to get off. I need to come.”

Clara, repeating Layla’s mantra earlier in the day, the irony dripping, countered, “All good things come to those who wait, my pet.”

A chill went up Layla’s spine at being called her pet. Layla should have stopped the power shift right then and there…that is what a good, in-control Domme would do. Instead though she moaned as Clara’s tongue moved up and began to flick her clit. Each flick brought an uncontrollable convulsion through her entire body, like waves hitting a dam, harder and harder, desperate to break through and flood the valley, yet not breaking through.

Clara meanwhile felt a power she never before felt. She knew this young confident coach, this predator who had come here to seduce her, had become the prey, not the hunter. Clara continued to flick the young girl’s clit and watched with voyeuristic amusement at the reaction of the young seductress. Clara knew she controlled when and how the soccer coach would come and still she wasn’t ready for this intimacy, this feeling of power, to end. Suddenly an idea came to Clara, one that was so not here personality. In a voice dripping with sugar, she asked, “What are you willing to do to come, my pet?”

Layla stunned by the shy woman’s question, whimpered at her pussy no longer being pleasured. Her body doing all the talking, her mind in a place of sexual serenity, she moaned, meaning every word she said, “Anything you wish, ma’am.”

Clara rewarded the young girl with one long lick from the bottom of the girl’s pussy lips, to the top of her clit.

Layla let out a long moan and let the orgasm begin to bubble inside her. But again, the not-so-shy MILF allowed the pleasure to linger and then start to dissipate, refusing to allow the dam to break. Layla’s frustration built as well, focused on just one thing…coming. “Please, dammit, finger-fuck my cunt, I need to come so fucking baaaaaad.”

Clara thrilled with the sexual admission of her daughter’s soccer coach, asked, “You will be my pet, baby?”

Layla didn’t hesitate, so frantic to come, “Yes, Clara, I will be your pet, your slut, your personal plaything. I am yours.”

Clara hadn’t expected such a complete submission, but was thrilled at the prospect of what the future may hold for them. “Good pet,” she purred and took the college girl’s swollen clit into her mouth.

Layla shook as soon as the MILF took her clit into her mouth and felt the inevitable climax to the most sensational sexual experience of her life build.

Clara, knowing the girl’s orgasm was imminent, slid not one, but two fingers inside the soaking wet girl’s cunt and began to finger-fuck her hard and fast, never once taking the swollen clit out of her mouth.

Layla’s moans increased and turned into an earth-shattering scream, “Oh my fucking God, Mistress, I’m so close, so fucking close, yes, yes, oh my fucking God, yes, I’m comiiiiiing!!!” She didn’t even realize until after the word was spoken that she had called Clara her Mistress. Way past caring though, she collapsed on the bed and allowed the most powerful orgasm in her young life to pulse through her like a sweet wave that continued hammering the shores on a perfect surfing day: big, powerful, overwhelming and utterly fulfilling.

Clara lapped eagerly at the flooding of juice that exploded out of the young girl’s cunt. She retrieved as much of the soccer coach’s cum as she could, savouring each sweet lick fervently like it was ice cream melting in the hot summer sun. Her fingers kept pumping in and out, making the sexy coach writhe on the bed like Clara’s little puppet pet.

Layla’s orgasm continued to flow through her like an earthquake that continues to send tremors long after the original quake hits. So weak from the utter exhaustion of the orgasm, Layla barely was able to utter the words, “Please, stop, I can’t take it anymore.”

Clara’s smile was as wide as possible as she pulled her two fingers out of the young girl as if complying and then after waiting a few seconds while Layla lay there immobile, Clara thrust the two fingers back into her daughter’s soccer coach. In complete control, she ordered, “I want you to come twice, my pet.”

"Aaaaaaaaah," Layla screamed in surprise, when the MILF’s fingers drove into her sopping wet pussy. "Oh my fucking God, Clara, I can’t."

Clara, her tone suddenly dominant, “You can and you will, my pet. I want you to come so hard, like a good girl.”

Layla’s flushed cheeks went redder at being called ‘good girl’, a name her mother had always used when she was young. “Aaaah, yes Mistress, I’ll be your good girl,” she whimpered, now desperate to be the perfect pet.

"That’s it, baby," Clara purred, "come for Mommy."

Layla’s body jolted with pleasure at Clara’s sweet voice and a second orgasm was already building, even though the first had not completely subsided. So overwhelmed by the MILF’s words and her own naughty unrequited fantasies, she moaned, “Oh good yes, Mommy, make baby come.”

Clara buried her face back in the young girl’s delicious pussy. Unlike the first time, Clara sucked and licked hard and pounded the girl’s pussy as deep and fast as possible with her fingers.

Layla soon began thrusting back and forth, fucking Clara’s fingers and soaking Clara’s face. “Oh my God, Clara, I’m so close again,” she moaned uncontrollably.

Clara used her free hand and began slightly slapping Layla’s clit like a drum. “Who’s pet are you?” Clara asked.

Layla screamed, “Oh my fucking God, Mistress, I am yours. You own me, you own me, oh fuck, I’m coming again, fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkkkkk.”

Clara kept slapping Layla’s clit gently while Layla’s second orgasm pulsed through her.

Layla, suddenly intensively sensitive, pushed Clara’s hands away and rolled onto her stomach, the orgasm still bringing sharp sensations through her.

Clara watched the young girl, sweat pouring down her forehead, her tight ass looking so perfect. Her pussy suddenly reminded her that it had been ignored for quite some time, the buzzing sensations pulsing oh-so-right. She fell back on her back, opened her legs and began to fuck herself with the toy.

Layla, the orgasm simmering, turned onto her side and saw the sexy MILF pleasuring herself. Layla smiled and reached for her duffle bag. Finding her strap-on cock, she struggled, still weak from the double orgasm, to put it on her waist.

Clara watched the perfectly toned coach’s body, admired it longingly and once she realized what the soccer coach had in mind, she eagerly waited to be fucked.

Once Layla had it strapped on, she tried to regain her Domme self. Her voice sultry and sweet, “Do you want to be fucked, Mrs. Walsh?”

"Yes," moaned a very horny Clara.

"You want your daughter’s soccer coach to fuck your MILF cunt?" Layla asked, pushing back.

"Yes, Layla, fuck my wet cunt with that big cock of yours," Clara responded, using language she never used.

Layla got between the MILF’s legs, pulled out the toy in Clara’s cunt, and thrust the seven-inch plastic dildo into the soccer Mom. As she began fucking the hot MILF, she used the toy on Clara’s clit.

Clara moaned the instant the strap-on cock was deep in her and quivered when the vibrator touched her clit. “Oh yes, Layla, fuck me, I need to come so bad.”

Layla pounded the horny MILF hard and fast, determined to make her cum and attempt to regain the power in their bizarre relationship. Layla kept pumping for a couple of hardcore minutes until it was clear Clara was close. Unbelievably, Layla felt her sensitive cunt getting wet again.

"Oh yes, Layla, harder, bury your cock in me, I’m so close," Clara moaned.

Layla surprised Clara by pulling out, quickly taking the strap-on off and repositioning herself scissor’s like, between Clara’s legs so their wet, excited pussies were touching. Layla, without words, began to rub her cunt onto the MILF’s.

Needing no instructions, Clara grabbed the seductive college coach’s leg and began to grind back on the young girl’s pussy. A new different sexual sensation filled her body. Her need to come overtaking her, she pushed and ground as hard as she could onto the young woman.

There was no longer a power struggle, no longer a potential Domme and sub, instead it was two sexy, horny, women using each other to reach sexual bliss. Their moans echoed through the room like a symphony of pleasure. Time stood still as they made love to each other. Eventually, both women, the MILF and the co-ed, came at the same time, their juices exploding onto each other. Both women collapsed back, their cunts leaking profusely from the utterly satisfying orgasm, and sweat dripping down their bodies.

Both exhausted, the orgasms slowly dissipating, they both wondered what was next. Neither had ever felt such complete pleasure and both had done things totally outside their past sexual encounters. For both, everything had changed. For Clara, a long dormant sex life since her husband had passed was suddenly rekindled with a scorching fire she knew she could never quench now that she had felt the thrill of the heat. For Layla, she had never allowed herself to become vulnerable, to be out of control in a situation, and now suddenly she was feeling things deep inside she had pushed away for years.

Layla turned around and looked Clara in the eyes.

Suddenly, the shy MILF was back, unsure what to say and what to do.

Layla was just as confused; usually after the sex was done, she felt nothing. She could just get up and leave, having added another conquest to her growing list. She had treated sex like a man for so long, she was bewildered by the sudden feel of need. Craving just to hear her voice and what she was thinking, Layla smiled, “That was amazing, Clara.”

Clara smiled back, “I never thought I could feel such…um…ah…p-p-p-pleasure.”

"Me either," Layla chuckled softly, before repeating almost in disbelief, "me either."

Silence returned and Layla leaned in and kissed the MILF gently. Clara returned the kiss and for both life suddenly made sense. During this kiss they were no longer soccer coach and mother, no longer potential Domme and sub; they were completely lovers, giddy with the excitement of what might lie ahead.

Both their eyes closed, their tongues slowly dancing in each other’s mouths. They were simply frozen in a moment, a snapshot of what love, life and sex should be: sweet, messy, and life-affirming. The moment for both was completely overwhelming and utterly intoxicating.

In this brief moment, this rare moment of pure human passion, expectations were non-existent, the consequences of their actions unforeseen…and for both the future was wide open, scary and unknown…but for both…anything was possible….

The end!