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Hey there. I’m Eve. This is a story about a portion of my life that centers around one area. A changing room. That might sound confusing now, but it will all make sense in a minute. All you need to know about this series is, while it does start centered in a changing room, it expands to other areas as well. Anyways, Let’s get started.

Chapter 1: Jenny, Paula, and Demi

I work at a high end women’s clothing store, Ms. Raquel’s, that prides itself on its customer service. There I work as one of the ten changing room assistants. My job is simple enough. Sit in the changing rooms and when women want to try something on, I am there to assist in the changing and to make suggestions. There are nine changing room assistants who do this job normally.

And then there is me.

You see, sometimes, when a beautiful woman enters my training room I give them a FULL experience, if you catch my drift. I’m usually able to tell what the best way to go about this is and, now that I’ve been here for two years, I’ve tried them all. Sometimes, if my customer is a lesbian and I can tell, I’ll just drop some hints and we’re at it in no time. Other times I have to slowly seduce the customer, whether straight or lesbian, through a few visits. And on a few occasions I have to put my foot down and be a bit…forceful. Don’t worry, I’ve never hurt anyone. Not even a little. There are times when they want to be forceful with me actually. I always have the customer’s best interest at heart. In fact I rarely even get to have any pleasure for myself, as much as I’d like to. The focus is always on them.

Now this chapter is basically a normal day at my job, but I start the series here because this is basically the beginning of a particularly fun period of time.

It was Monday and I was arriving to work an hour late. I ran in as fast as I could to see Molly at the changing room front desk counter, like always. I should probably tell you about Molly.

Molly began working here when she was 18(she’s 19 now), about a year after I started. She is a pretty little thing. She’s slim, but doesn’t exactly have a full figure, I guess because she’s still developing a little. She has fiery red hair to her ass, and cute 36B breasts. Her skin is quite pale though, pasty some would say, but it’s free of any type of blemish and suits her redhead look. Anyways, a few months into her work here she approached me after one day after closing.

"I know what you’re doing," she said, bluntly. "I know what you do all day in your changing room with those women."

I was without words. Before this no one I worked with even knew I was a lesbian. I just stood there thinking what I could do to have her not tell anyone and trying to figure out how I was discovered.

"Hehe, don’t worry," she laughed, breaking me from my thoughts. "I want to help you." I looked down at her, confused.

"And how would you do that?’" I asked.

"Don’t you see? I work the front desk; I tell the women in line which room to go to. I could send the more…preferable customers your way."

"And what would you want in return?"

"Just one thing, I want a session."

"What do you mean by that?"

"You know, I want to be one of your customers."

As it turned out, Molly didn’t really know the full extent of what I did. She thought I just got customers to lick my pussy. So we worked out a deal in which once a month, I let Molly go down on me. In return she only sends me, as she would put it, the preferable women. She does much more actually, but we’ll get to that later. About nine months had passed since then and I had to admit, Molly was making my job even more fun.

I gave her a wink and a smile and went down to my room, good old changing room 10, to get everything in order. Now these rooms aren’t very big, but they’re bigger than your average changing room. They’re about 10 feet long 7 feet wide, and the ceiling is only about 7 feet high. They are always changing the colors of the walls. Currently it was a sort of maroon. There is a mirror on the door once you close it and one exactly opposite that one on the other end of the room. The door slides open and closed, and it’s pretty hard to hear anything going on in the room from the outside, still though, that is where my additions come in.

I spent quite a deal of money soundproofing the room, which is the most important change. Also, there is an ionizer that runs 24/7, keeping the room. In addition, there is a large compartment in the floor filled with all kinds of goodies. The walls come with a few more surprises, but we’ll get to those later.

Everything in my room can be hidden away in case Ms.Raquel, the owner and the stores namesake, ever comes by to check on things, though she rarely does, and most room sweeps are conducted by Molly. Before her, my additions were just wishful thinking.

Once in my room, I checked myself in the mirror. My hair, dirty blonde, was in a ponytail, but I decided to let it down. I absolutely adored the navy blue, semi-backless dress I was wearing that day, we don’t really have a uniform here. It was pretty simple, came down to my knees, wasn’t very tight it didn’t really show off my ass, the ass I work tirelessly at the gym to keep perfect and tone. But it did do well to showcase my long legs a bit.

I left my room and walked over to Molly. The rooms are all in a straight line from 1-10 so I have to walk passed all the other rooms to get to her.

"You look amazing today," Molly told me. "I’m so jealous of your tan." I tend to stay active in my life, running and hiking at times. It keeps slime and flat in the places I should be, full in all the others, and gives me a soft tan.

"Thanks dear. But you say that every day."

"Well it’s true everyday." she giggled. I sighed. This girl was quite the flirt.

"So do me a favor honey, don’t send me anyone for like 10 more minutes."

"Sure thing," she said. Then she leaned in a little closer and whispered, "Fuck them good today." I pretended to laugh. That’s Molly’s only problem. She thinks I do what I do just for me. And while it’s true I get a thrill and lots of fun out of it, the focus is always on the customer. I don’t have a good time unless they have a good time. Plus I just don’t like the word "fuck", at least not to refer to sex, which I understand is pretty ironic. I thanked her and gave her butt a quick pinch without anyone seeing. I never go down on her, but sometimes I tease her in innocent little ways. And since she’s on the pale side, she blushes bright red, which is absolutely adorable.

As I walked away I turned around to catch her staring at my legs. She got all flustered and blushed again, the little minx. The relationship between me and Molly is sort of an odd one. She will follow me blindly with whatever I say but it’s not like I’m her mistress or anything. It’s feels sort of like a teacher student relationship. If the student licked the teachers pussy.

I got to my room and just relaxed for a bit. I thought about how much help Molly had been lately. She had three main jobs. The first two, sending me preferred customers and passing me up on inspection, were significant, but the third was the most important: background checks.

I won’t go into detail, but Molly has had some trouble with the law. She was kicked out of MIT(yeah, THAT MIT) and placed under house arrest for a short while for hacking into…actually its best if I don’t tell you what she hacked into. Long story short, Molly can find out a lot about a person with just their drivers license, and whenever she sends me a customer, she conducts quite an extensive background check in a short amount of time. You would be surprised how many married women, whom by the way I never touch, don’t wear rings. She’s also prevents me from trying to seduce people with criminal records that show they aren’t very good with anger.

I was snapped out of my thoughts as I got a text while the first customer of the day knocked on the door. It was a nice looking blonde woman with the biggest purse I had ever seen. The text was from Molly, which I expected, and just read “Clean”. This was basically the green light to go ahead and do my thing but I wasn’t really into it considering I was still half asleep. I did the duty I was paid for and nothing more. I know it seems hypocritical of me to say I have their best interests at heart and not please them, but the customer still leaves happy even if I don’t do anything. Also, I know it seems like everyone’s fantasy, and it was mine to, but licking pussy all day and is exhausting. Trust me, I’ve tried it.

A couple hours passed and I was still too tired to do anything very fun with my customers. Then, Molly sent me a text saying “It’s Jenny!”. I had completely forgotten that I made an appointment with her.

Jenny was this incredible brunette. She had brown eyes, dark brown hair to her tail bone, and body very similar to my own. Like me she had 36c breasts and a slim but tone figure. We were also the same age, 27. She was an inch or two taller than me though(I’m 5’8), and her skin wasn’t as tan as mine, but definitely not pale either.

I had seen Jenny two times before and I could tell she had a taste for women. Though I usually figure out how to get in my customers pants easily, but I was having a hard time reading Jenny.

The first time she had been here she wanted to try on a very fancy dress. When I was helping her into it, I got quite close quite often, feeling around her hips while I tightened it, caressing her back ever so slightly as I zipped her up, and giving her incessant compliments. But when I watched her face in the mirror I could see that there she was enjoying some of it, and looking annoyed with other parts, so I still wasn’t sure if this would have to be a seduction, where I convince her to get with me, or if she just wanted a flirtation, where we both dive in willingly.

She’s been coming by every Monday since. The next time she wanted a custom dress made. For this I had to personally take some very exact body measurements. But still nothing happened. So now she was here to try on her new custom dress, and I was suddenly wide awake.

"Hey Jenny!" I exclaimed as I opened the door. In my normal life I’m sort of quiet, I have a small circle of good friends, but in room 10 I have no inhibitions, and tend to be enthusiastic.

"Hi Eve, got my dress," she said, showing me the long flowing yellow fabric in her hands. She was wearing a tight white T that really showed off her breasts and some tight jeans. "Although the one you have on right now might be better, you look hot."

"Thanks. Ya it is pretty sexy isn’t it, haha." I would never actually say that in real life, but I thought it would work for Jenny. I realized I was wrong when I saw Jenny get her annoyed face again. I just couldn’t figure this girl out.

She took off her shirt and her jeans and I helped her get into her dress. The whole time I was thinking how I could land her, considering this could easily be the last time I see her. She looked at herself for a bit in the mirror.

"So Eve," she said to me but still looking at herself in the mirror, "where’d you get that dress from?"

"Oh, I got it right here in Ms. Raquel’s of course," I said truthfully. The policy was that all employees have to wear Ms. Raquel’s merchandise in order to avoid uniforms. It was actually a good way of advertising some of the clothes.

"Could I try it on?"

"Umm, sure I’ll go find one," I offered and excused myself from the room. I was still thinking what to do with Jenny. I thought of all the times she liked what I said, then all the times she didn’t, and all of a sudden it hit me. I stopped, turned around and went back to the room.

"I’m sorry Jenny but we don’t have any more of these dresses in stock," I lied. Her next statement would determine if I was right about her.

"Oh well could I order one and just try on the one you’re wearing?" There it was! I had realized that I neither needed to seduce or flirt with Jenny, she was trying to, and really wanted to, seduce me.

"Oh umm," I whimpered with false shyness. In reality if there was a woman who’s legs I’ve wanted to be between for weeks in front of me, and she asked me to take off my dress, that thing would fall before she could finish the sentence. But she wanted to seduce me, and I was going to let her.

"Sure I guess," I concluded.

"Thank you so much Eve," she smiled, "I can get out of this one myself, just have that ready for me when I’m done please."

"Umm, ok." I said in a shy, hushed tone. It was hard not to laugh, but I could tell Jenny had the same style of seduction as me, so I knew how to act.

As we undressed to our bra and panties, or in my case just panties, I turned my back to her to seem shy. I would sneak a look every few seconds and made sure she caught some of them, showing her I was curious, and keeping her interest.

"Oh ya," she remembered when we were done, "can’t wear this for a backless." She slowly unhooked here lace bra and her breasts fell out. They were gorgeous, and made me a little moist. Not too big, but not small at all. They were full and rounded with little chocolate chip like nipples. They were very similar to mine actually, except less tan and my nipples are pink. I only took a glance though; it would be out of character to stare.

"Could you be careful with this please?" I asked as I handed her the dress, "My bo…EX-boyfriend bought it for me." I said with a sad face. Her face, though, lit up. She came to the realization that I (or at least the character I was playing) was straight. I could tell she was happy that I would be her first girl. Of course all that was a lie.

"Of course honey," she said with a smile. God this girl was just like me. We were the same age but she was acting almost motherly towards me.

As she handled the new dress I thought of a next move, as this seemed like an ideal moment for her to strike.

I have to pause for a second and just say how proud of myself I am for this. I’ll be the first to say I am an atrocious actor, but I deserve and Oscar for this.

"So how do I look Eve?"


Jenny turned around to see me on my knees in nothing but my white lace panties bawling my eyes out.

"Eve?! Sweetie what’s wrong."

"Oh god," I said as if embarrassed, "I’m so sorry Jenny, this is terrible of me, I just…I miss him so much."

"No no no, it’s ok. Come here." She got on her knees next to me and hugged me. Actually, she basically held me, with my face between her breasts making my panties develop a visible wet spot. I kept crying for a minute and slowly came to a stop. Jenny pulled back slightly and held my face in her hand, wiping away a few tears.

"You’re gonna be fine," she said. Her voice sounded comforting but all I saw in her eyes was lust. Maybe we weren’t so similar.

"Thanks Jenny," I sniffled.

"No problem," she said and gave me a quick peck on the forehead. I acted surprised. She looked down at me and slowly came in for a kiss. Our lips met a little more aggressively than I expected, but it was heavenly. Then I remembered my role in this, and pulled back.

"What are you-"

"Ssshhh," she hissed putting a finger to my mouth. She stood me up, and guided me by my shoulders against the side wall. I was wide eyed, with my mouth gaping open like I was astonished by what was going on. "You can stop anytime you want," she told me.

And with that she pressed up against me, holding the right side of the back of my head, and kissed me again. She took advantage of my open mouth and slid her tongue inside it. I was still sticking to character and only kissing back very gently.

Slowly, however, as she massaged my tongue with hers, I started to answer back. My lips pushed on hers harder, my tongue started answering to her incentives. The pressure of my almost bare body being pushed against the wall by Jenny felt amazing. She took her hand off my head and I wanted the pressure back, so I grabbed the back of the right side of her neck and pulled her in. This whole time we were in the same kiss she had started, our tongues dancing with each other.

Her tongue retreated back to its and she broke the kiss, but our foreheads were still together, I remained up against the wall as we panted. She looked into my eyes with a devious smile. She was still thinking that this was my first lesbian experience, so I still played the part by just standing there, looking astonished. She wiped the sides of her mouth and then did the same for me. She took a step back and I was able to get off the wall for a few seconds. She effortlessly undressed until, like me, she was down to her panties.

She looked into my eyes and pressed me against the wall again with her now bare body, our breasts smashing together. She grabbed my left leg, right wear the thigh meets the ass, and lifted it up, just holding it there, digging into it with her fingers and nails. Not painfully, but forcefully. Then, she took my chin and tilted my face away from the leg she was holding and started kissing and licking my neck. I let out a few short breaths as she made her way up, giving each part of my neck a thorough kiss and lick. Then she reached my ear.

One thing most people I’ve made out with have learned is that I love when they mess with my ears. So when Jenny reached my ear I finally let out a moan. She told me to quiet down but I explained to her that all changing rooms were sound proof and she kept going. She may not have believed me but I don’t think she cared.

Jenny licked, sucked, bit, and sucked some more on my ear lobe. I continued to moan, but held back as much as I could. She slowly made her way off my ear and back towards my mouth and we kissed again. When our lips met our tongues dived into each other’s mouths. As I retracted, she grabbed my tongue with her lips and sucked it up and down for a long time . While she sucked, I felt some wetness on my thigh and looked down to realize it wasn’t mine but rather Jenny’s. Her panties were absolutely drenched and her juices were running down here thighs which were now pressing against mine.

She finally stopped sucking my tongue and kissed me deeply again. Her right arm was still holding up my left leg, hell, she was basically holding my entire body up against the wall. Here free hand came up and tried going down the front of my panties. I broke the kiss and grabbed her arm nodding my head no, my pretend inhibitions coming back. She smiled and nodded and we went back to making out.

Suddenly, with the same hand that had just tried to invade my pussy, she grabbed my right breast quite aggressively, making me break the kiss and yelp. I have very sensitive breasts and, although lots of people don’t believe me, I have had breast orgasms before, but they only really occur if someone’s been giving them attention for a long time. Still, the sudden impact on them felt great.

I could tell Jenny was getting restless. She started licking the side of my neck and ear she hadn’t before with much more vigor than the last time. Then she started to lick the length of my face up and down. Every 30 seconds or so she would try to reach into my panties, and I would stop her. On her 10th attempt I pushed her off completely and she stumbled back a few steps, surprised.

I approached her, pushed her backwards until she hit the wall parallel to the one she had just been holding me against. I grabbed her leg as she had to mine, and dug my fingers and nails into it as she did, and fondled one of her breasts. There was very little sensuality. This was going to be rough, hard, and dirty.

She closed her eyes, moaned softly, and licked her lips. As she did I darted forward and caught her tongue in my lips and sucked it as she had done to mine. She made another attempt for my mound, and this time I let her.

Her fingers came in contact with my sex and I shuddered. They traced the outline of my lips, and then, very suddenly she started rubbing the outside of my lips at a steady pace. I had to let her tongue free and give out a long moan. I released her leg and breast, and she brought her hand out of my panties and gave it a thorough licking. She brought me in for one more deep kiss. I could taste myself on her tongue and, as I had found out a long time ago, I tasted sweet.

She brought me down to the carpeted floor. Usually I would take out some sheets I have in my secret compartment but since I was the helpless first timer, this would have to do. She brought me down with a good deal of haste. I came to the realization of how little sensuality there was. Usually if I spend time with someone before I reel them in, the sex, or even just me going down on them is pretty erotic. This was, on the other hand, aggressive and crude. Buy hey, sex is sex. It may have not been erotic, but it was very hot.

She lay me on the ground the long way, with my head near the door, and pulled my panties off. She stood up and awkwardly through hers off as well. I realized that she wanted a release as fast as possible, but didn’t want to have to please me after. She was going for a sixty-nine. She got on all fours above me, putting us face to face with each other’s pussies. We were similar hear as well in that we were both clean shaven. She started descending when I remembered that I was in character.

"Wait!" I exclaimed. "I’ve never done this before."

She rolled her eyes and looked very frustrated, but turned her head back and tried to be nice.

"Just do what you would want done to you."

With that she lowered herself onto me. For a second, I thought I would start out badly and slowly get better, because that seemed more realistic, but my policy of pleasing the customer comes before everything else. So I just did what I’ve been doing here for the last two years.

I always start oral sex with a sort of signature: licking the thigh to the right and to the left of the vagina, and giving it a quick, gentle kiss. I gave Jenny’s mound my signature and dove in. I licked her lips up and down, taking in her juices. I usually relate someone I eat out to a taste of some kind. Jenny tasted like cinnamon.

I started to go deeper, sticking my tongue as far into Jenny’s sex as I could possibly could. I licked, bit, and sucked on her clit and basically just devoured her. Her response was proportional. She yelled into my pussy with pleasure, and I could tell she was holding back an orgasm. She was rubbing my clit with a finger while eating out my lips feverishly. It felt heavenly, and I realized she wanted me to come first, so I eased up on her and eventually just put my head down as she sped up her pace.

I came quickly, and hard. The brunette lifted her head, opting not to take in what was coming, but continues to rub me as my orgasm thundered through my body. I moaned into her pussy, and, once my orgasm subsided, I restarted my oral assault on it.

I mainly focused on her clit this time. She seemed to scream the loudest when I chewed on it, so that’s exactly what I did.

Jenny slowly got up until she was on her knees, sitting on my face, and started squeezing her own breasts.

It only took a few second for her to come.

"OHH GOD! YES!" she yelled as her orgasm made her convulse and grind my face, her juices flowing down my cheeks. She grinded me for almost a minute and finally her ecstasy subsided. She stayed in the same position for a few seconds after, eyes closed and panting. Then she fell to the side and we simply lay there for a bit in silence.

Jenny slowly sat up and tried to find something to wipe herself with.

"Oh shit," she cursed. She had realized her white T shirt had gotten wet somewhere in the steamy shuffle.

"Take my dress," I suggested, pointing to the corner, still lying on the ground. She looked at me, puzzled.

"Are you sure?"

"Ya, just tell the girl at the front counter to send me the next order." This was sort of a code for Molly to bring me some things.

"If you say so."

Jenny put the dress on quickly then she picked up her panties and laid them across my stomach with a wink. Then she opened the door slightly, checked if anyone was nearby, and left, shutting the door behind her.

I never saw her again.

A couple minutes passed and Molly entered the room carrying some fresh sheets(which weren’t really needed this time), wet and dry towels, a plastic bag, a pair of panties, and another dress identical to the one I was wearing earlier. She saw me, now sitting up, completely naked with pussy juice all over my face, inner thighs and mound, and her jaw dropped.

"Woah…did you two just all out fuck?" she wondered looking amazed. Again, I didn’t like the way she phrased it. It sounded so crude. But I just smiled.

"I’ll tell you everything," I said, standing up, "just clean me up first sweetie." She smiled wildly. I usually don’t tell her about my exploits.

Molly laid all her items next to me, picked up a towel and proceeded to clean me from head to toe in silence. She stared at whatever part of me she was cleaning up while she did, and blushed crimson red. It was so cute. I looked at her the whole time but she wouldn’t make eye contact during the cleaning. When she was done I put the new dress, which was identical to the one I had been wearing, on and she sat down against the mirror opposite the door. I stayed standing, but leaned up against the wall adjacent to her. I stood there for a long time, thinking, without saying anything. Molly just stared at my legs.

"Molly I haven’t been completely honest with you."

"What do you mean?"

I told her what I really do.. Which is just about everything. You’d be hard pressed to find something I haven’t done in that room. . I had come to the decision to tell her just then, in order to ease the burden on my conscience

"Ya I guess I sort of guessed as much," she confessed when I was finished, "you end up naked A LOT, haha. Now can I hear what happened?"

"Sure. Thanks for being so understanding."

Molly was wearing a black skirt with frayed edges that came up to her knees when she sat down, and as I told her what had happened with Jenny she started rubbing her knees together. I knew she would want to have masturbated right there, but Molly was very respectful around me, so she wouldn’t dare. When I was done she handed me one of the undergarments she had brought, and switched hers(which had become quite wet) with the other one. She always thought ahead.

She put her wet panties and Jenny’s jeans and shirt in the bag. She wasn’t allowed to take my panties or the customers panties anymore. I had found out she was taking them for herself instead of disposing of them like she was supposed to. I had no idea what she had been doing with them but I had stopped trusting her with them

"Hold on." I said right before she opened the door. I walked over to her and placed both Jenny’s and my panties in her bag. It was sort of a thank you for being so understanding.

"But you have to tell me what you do with them." She smiled with glee, nodded, and left. Molly was definitely the kinkiest girl I had ever met. She rarely had sex, but she masturbated in some very creative ways. And when she does have sex, it’s reportedly some pretty freaky, but hot, stuff. Because of this I knew she would could find something to do with those.

Molly left and sent me another customer in a few minutes.

The new customer ended up being married and I was pretty satisfied for the time being anyway. She took a full hour just trying on dress after dress.

The clock then hit 12:30 which is when the changing room staff takes there 10 minute lunch break. Everyone usually heads to the back where there is a table set up„ but I usually go talk to Molly.

"Hey dear," I greeted her, taking a seat on the stool next to her behind the counter.

"Hey. No lunch?" she asked.

"No, I’ll eat later." The staff was allowed two 25 minute breaks throughout the day, which is quite long but no more than two people out of the eleven of us can be on break at the same time. Every morning we all had to sign up ahead of time for when we wanted these breaks, but I didn’t really care because Molly only sends me people when I ok her to, so I could take a break whenever.

"Good." She smiled. She looked around. No one was in earshot, and the only people who could see us were a good distance away, and couldn’t even see below our stomachs due to the counter. "I can tell you what I did with the panties."

"Wow you already used them?" I asked, surprised.

"Well I didn’t want them to dry out!"

I laughed, “You are one naughty little redhead you know that?” That made her blush hard. “Ok, regale me, but you have to tell the story in vivid detail.”

"Ok. So my break was scheduled for few minutes after your little fuck-fest with that super hottie Jenny. I put the panties you gave me in my purse, went to the bathroom and into the last stall. Aren’t you glad our bathrooms are so clean?" This was true. Our bathrooms were maintained to a very high standard. The floors were pink marble and the walls were a sepia wallpaper. It was like a five-star hotel bathroom.

"Anyways I took off my skirt and panties and hung them on the hook on the back of the door. I sat on the toilet, completely unbuttoned and opened up my blouse but kept in on my arms and shoulders, unclasped my front hook bra, and pulled out both the panties."

"They were both pretty significantly soaked. I didn’t waste any time. I started rubbing Jenny’s black panties on my tits with my left hand."

"How did that feel?" I asked.

"Really good. The bathroom was cold so my nipples were already hard, and the lace felt good against them. As I did that, I took your panties and started stuffing them into my pussy."

This surprised me. I had seen Molly’s pussy before. Like mine it looked fresh and was tight. Most lesbians’ mounds stay looking like this for a while, since they aren’t invaded by large objects very often.

Molly saw my surprise and said, “It actually felt great, and since they were already so wet they easily slid in me. Once they were all the way in I started rubbing my pussy lips and clit, but I realized my moaning would be a problem, even though there wasn’t anyone in the bathroom at that moment, so I took Jenny’s panties and shoved them in my mouth to muffle my cries. I wish I could have gotten in on that girl, she tasted great. Sorta like cinnamon.”

I laughed out loud at Molly’s similar reaction to Jenny’s flavoring.

"Then I started rubbing myself again, very slowly, building towards my orgasm. Someone walked in, so I closed my mouth fully and took long draws on the fabric in my mouth as I continued to rub."

"As my orgasm approached I rubbed harder, but I never fingered myself. I plucked your panties out of me and the lace caressing my insides and my lips felt incredible. I rubbed your underwear vigorously against my lips and clit, and sucked on Jenny’s."

"Soon after that I came all over your panties and continued to rub myself with them all the way through. Then, right when my climax was over and I was slowly falling back into normalcy, I pulled Jenny’s undies out of my mouth and shoved yours in, sucking and gagging on them."

"It was quite the break."

The staff started to come back.

"You are one very kinky girl." I teased her. Then I leaned in close to her ear and whispered slowly, "but very sexy."

She blushed again, which, admittedly, was my goal. As I left I pretended to drop something and bent over to give her a good showing of my ass. For the second time that day she had gone above and beyond what I had expected, so I figured I would reward her.

I decided to grab a couple of stools from the back room and took them back with me to room 10.

Let me take this time to explain another modification in my favorite room in the world, the wall cuffs. The wall cuffs are very cushiony cuffs(as in handcuffs, but these don’t have metal) attached to a heavy duty string. They are located on the mirror wall opposite to the door, in the top left and right corners. There, small panels open to reveal said cuffs. The cuffs can come down, and the string length can be adjusted to any length to accommodate any height, and basically keeps the person they were put on fastened to the wall, with their hands up against it and their bodies a few inches way.

One of the common ways it is used is for someone to be cuffed with their face towards the mirror and the backs towards the other people in the room. From here the cuffed individual, with their hands on the wall, would extend their ass out for the other person to…well, a number of things happened from here.

Anyways, I texted Molly to send me some more customers. I had gotten a little hot from her story so I was ready for some more action, no matter what kind, but it was a dull few hours compared to the morning. At around 3:00 I had this lovely goth girl on my lap making out with me, but that was all she wanted as she left looking visibly confused.

About half an hour later I was giving this new mom( her kid was 10 months old) a shoulder massage which I slowly extended to her breasts that had her baby had been chewing up, but she also stopped me short of getting anywhere major, and left.

This wasn’t uncommon, people wanting me to stop early on. Lots of times they come back, deciding they had spoken to soon, and we start up right where we had left off.

At about 4:05 though, things picked up.

I got a text form Molly that read, “Clean; Hot slut alert! ;)”. I opened my door to find a cute little Latin girl dressed very scandalously. On top she had a fur jacket(which was odd considering it was July) that came down to the top of her pierced naval. You could see her G-string poking out of the top of her super tight denim cutoffs that put her legs on full display.

"Hey," she said casually as she walked in, "so my bitch mom wants me to try on my little sister’s Quinceanera dress for her cause the freaky little runt is my height (for those of you who don’t know, a Quinceanera is a Latin celebration for when a girl turns 15).

She zipped open her jacket to reveal she was wearing nothing underneath and let it fall to the ground. She obviously wasn’t very shy. Everything about the girl could be described as ‘cute little’. Her breasts, her ass, her face, hell, her whole body, all five feet two inches of her.

She looked around, and realized the dress wasn’t there, but before she could ask I chimed in,

"Your dress should be here soon miss, the girl you met at the front desk is getting it.

Behind my back I texted Molly, who usually fetches specialty items like this, to take 10 minutes retrieving the dress. This girl wasn’t exactly the nicest person in the world, but I still wanted my face between her legs, and for that I needed some time.

"Uch," she responded, "call me Paula."

We chatted for the next few minutes. We bonded over our strained relationships with our mothers, though in reality I have a very good relationship with my mother. The whole time she just sat on one of the stools I brought in, swaying her legs with no top on. I saw her nipples had gotten hard from the cool air but she didn’t seem to care.

I learned that she was 21 and was about to go into her last year of college.

"So," she stared during an awkward silence that had developed, "you ever like, sneak a guy in hear and suck him off or something." I laughed as there was a knock on the door. I could tell from the knock that it was Molly.

I opened it and she handed me a dress, which was huge and looked like it had been ripped right out of Cinderella.

"No," I answered, closing the door, "I don’t think blowing some guy would score me points with my boss." She laughed. I hated talking so crudely but seeing Molly had reminded me of the story she had told me a few hours ago, which got me a little hot and bothered all over again, so now I was intent on landing Paula.

She undressed and I got a look at her pussy. It was a nice mound, with the bushed waxed into a landing strip, but the lips did jut out a bit, showing it had been through significant experience.

We started the long process of putting the dress on, which was made harder by her lack of a bra and decision not to wear panties (not that the G-string would have helped much anyway).

"Well if I worked here," she continued, "I would do that all the time."

Now that she had brought it up we started talking about her sex life. As I suspected she was quite experienced. The conversation moved to things she was into sexually.

"Do you like to getting your pussy licked?" I inquired.

"Who doesn’t? The only problem is, most guys don’t know jack shit about licking a pussy. We could both do a better job than any guy at my school." This was right when we finally got her in her dress. It was huge and the skirt portion encompassed a wide area around her.

I had realized a while back how to get to Paula. It was just to be blunt and straight forward. The girl loved sex, she should be open to new things.

"Ya I definitely eat pussy better than any guys at your school."

Her eyes widened a bit. She was facing the mirror on the door and I was standing right behind her. She looked at me through the mirror.

"Are you saying you’ve licked pussy before?" she giggled.

I grabbed a stool and walked to the other end of the room and placed it right in front of the mirror opposite where she was standing.

"How about," I said, walking back to her, "you take a seat over here," I held her hand and walked her to the stool, "and in a few minutes," I sat her down on the stool so that her bare ass was on the stool and the dress surrounded it, making it disappear, "you tell me."

I opened the wall cuff panels above her and brought them down to her level. Since the dress put a couple of feet away from the mirror, I couldn’t actually cuff her in, nor did I want to.

"Hold onto these, oh and don’t worry, the room is soundproof," I told her. She grabbed the cuffs, giving me a half smile, still not believing what was happening. I got on my knees in front of her and lifted up her dress, crawling inside to the point where if someone had entered right then, I would be completely hidden from the eye.

I couldn’t see a thing under her dress but I easily found her mound. This was going to be different then with Jenny. There had been no lead up. I had to get her excited first, and then get her to come. I gave her my signature, two licks on the thighs and kiss, and I heard her exhale deeply. I paused for a few seconds and then started

I gave her a few long licks from the base to the clit to get a taste (she tasted like oranges by the way). Then I pressed my lips against her lips and stuck my tongue inside like I was making out with it.

"MMMMMMMMM…" I hear her moan. I could already tell she was going to be a noisy one.

I started getting a bit faster with her. After some random licking I flattened my tongue up against the outside of her lips, then pointed it, stuck it inside, licked it up as far as I could, and then flattened it against her clit. My hair started falling in front of my face.

"Oh my god, you’re making me so fucking wet." she moaned, much louder. She was right. She had gotten very wet very fast, and some of her tangy juices were starting to overflow onto my face and get on my hair, which I had to flip back.

"OH it feels SO fucking good baby!"

I already knew how I was going to go about my onslaught of her mound. I would start licking her upwards, starting from high up on her pussy lips, and sucking and licking her clit when I got to it. Then I would repeat the same thing but start from a little lower on her lips each time, gradually getting faster, deeper, and more aggressive.

The problem was, I usually do my best pussy licking when I myself am excited. And while eating Paula was great, I couldn’t even see the pussy I was licking. So I started thinking about Molly’s story, but this time I really imagined every detail in my head. It got to be a pattern. As I licked I would think of a part of Molly’s story, and Paula would yell out, truly testing the limits of the soundproofed walls

I thought of Molly rubbing her breasts with Jenny’s panties.

"YA, lick that fucking pussy!"

Molly stuffing my panties into her sex.

"Uh-huh, eat that fucking pussy baby, I know you love it."

Molly cramming Jenny’s underwear in her mouth.

"OH YEAH! Just like that!"

Molly rubbing her pussy.

"Oh god baby, right there. Right fucking there!"

Molly moaning and sucking onto the fabric in her mouth.

"Oh I’m gonna come, I’m gonna fucking come, I’m gonna fucking come!"

Molly pulling my panties out of her as she is approaching her orgasm.


Molly coming onto my panties.

I stayed buried in Paula’s mound for a few seconds after she was done. Then I made my way out of Paula’s dress and stood behind her. She let go of the cuffs and relaxed against me. After a few moments of silence, she got up and we got her back in her normal clothes. She didn’t kiss me or anything, or even try to reciprocate what she had gotten. She simply got dressed, opened the door, and right before she was about to leave she looked at me, my blonde hair and face still stained with her juices, and said,

"Until next time." I didn’t know it then but ‘next time’ was going to be the next day.

She closed the door and left. I fixed myself up, wiping my face with a towel from my hidden compartment. I wasn’t very wet but I had gotten pretty hot from eating out Paula, and now I craved a release.

There was a knock at the door, which startled me, so I opened it up to see a short, beautiful young Asian girl holding a huge pile of clothes.

"Umm, hi, I was told to come here," she said shyly. I looked to my right and glared at Molly, but she just smiled at me. What was wrong with her? I hadn’t ok’ed another customer. Then I noticed that the young woman was holding a balloon that read ‘Happy 18th!’. Molly had just sent me an 18 year-old birthday girl! I had always wanted one of these and she knew it. She was really on her game today.

"Yes, come in," I greeted her as she walked in awkwardly. The girl, who’s name was Demi as I later found out, was very pretty. She had big, beautiful eyes, a deep tan like mine, and mid-length straight jet black hair. As I later confirmed, I guessed one of her parents was from an oriental country, and the other was European (German, it turned out to be). Her breasts seemed nice enough (32B) but as she walked in I found out where she really shined.

Most people have a different definition of the perfect ass. Some say that the bigger, the better. Others, like myself, have a mental image in their mind of the perfect rear end, and as Demi walked in, I saw that picture become reality. It’s hard to describe what made her’s so perfect; I guess it’s just sort of the way it was proportioned. Just imagine for yourself the perfect butt, that’s what Demi had.

As she entered my mouth literally fell open a little bit. She turned around and asked me,

"So are you going to be staying in here?"

"Yes, I’m here to assist you with whatever you need, and make recommendations based on your taste…happy birthday by the way."

"Oh ok, that’s cool I guess, and thanks."

For the next 20 or so minutes we made small talk while she tried on a variety of clothing. She was basically Paula’s opposite. While Paula was more of a rich, daddy’s little girl, Demi was more middle to low class. Her friends had scrapped together some money for her to get some new clothes for her college wardrobe. She was very kind and insisted on not taking much help when getting into harder to fit clothing.

I couldn’t help but gawk as she took of the jeans for the first time. She was wearing very simple pink cotton panties that you could see through if you looked very hard, which I didn’t got the chance to. I continued to monitor her butt’s every movement with my peripherals, never completely losing it from my sight. I was becoming a little obsessed with it, and after Molly’s story, and eating out Paula, this was just heightening my desire.

As time went on our conversation got deeper. We talked about family and how both of us had lost our fathers, which seemed to help us bond. Her mother had raised Demi and her adoptive sister Lily on her own since Demi was eight.

We progressed out of the serious subject matter and kept talking playfully, as if we had been friends for a long time. Then she reached her last piece of clothing. Bright yellow silk pajamas.

"Uh-oh." I thought. I had concluded a while back that I wouldn’t touch Demi. She seemed like one of the most innocent and sweet girls I had ever met, so much so I wouldn’t have been surprised if she was a virgin. But now she was going to try on pajamas, which was a problem.

The only fetish, or maybe it’s not even a fetish but just something I’m into, that I have and consider a little odd is my love of pajamas. The particular ones Demi had were the kind that were full pants and a button down long sleeve shirt. I loved how when women wore these, though you couldn’t see much, the pants are tight around the ass, and the breasts(that were usually braless) protrude outwards so that the shirt doesn’t really touch the stomach if you’re standing up.

Demi, kept her bra and panties where they were as she tried on the silk. I was screaming in my head not to do anything, though I wanted to run up and throw my hands down her pants.

"What do you think?" she asked looking at herself in the mirror opposite the door once they were on.

"V-very nice." I stammered. Very nice?! Ok her top half could be described as very nice, but her bottom half was breathtaking. Remember, to me, this was one of the, if not the, greatest asses I had ever seen.

"Hmm, I think I’ll pass on these." She held the sides of the and bent over to pull them down, giving me a perfect view of her precious behind.

I snapped.

Something in me, for some reason, couldn’t take it anymore. Maybe it was because I was a little sexually frustrated from Paula, maybe because I wanted to give this girl pleasure since she seemed so kind, or maybe, probably, I was just being selfish and just wanted to get my hands on that ass.

I walked forward briskly towards her. She was coming back up after pulling the pants down, but they were still around her ankles. We made eye contact for a split second through the mirror she was facing and then, with her shoulders, I pressed her up against said mirror, harder than I intended to. I squashed my body against her back, which was still covered by her shirt, and grabbed her hands, putting them up against the wall.

"Hey what are you doing?!" she yelled. She tried to push back against me but I was stronger than her and maintained my position on the wall. She tried to kick out put the pants she had just pulled down were restricting her range of movement. I pulled the wall cuffs down, and unlike with Paula, I managed to use them for their proper purpose, keeping Demi’s palm’s comfortably against the wall.

"Where did these come from? What are you going to do to me? Eve! What are you doing?!"

I wasn’t listening. I had backed away a few steps, staring down at her perfect curve. The cuffs placed her so that she had to stick her ass out to stay comfortable.

I moved back up close to her, pressing my breasts against her back and placing my head on her left shoulder. She looked at me in the mirror, wide eyed and speechless. Then, finally, I grabbed her panty covered cheeks.

I sighed softly when my hands made contact. It was, as I’ve said many times, perfect. Just like a great pair of breasts, her butt cheeks were firm but still had a considerable ‘jiggle factor’. Demi was yelling at me, or for someone to help her, I honestly couldn’t tell you. I was transfixed.

I caressed, squeezed, kneaded, poked, prodded, lifted, pushed and pulled on her ass. It was so mesmerizing. Suddenly, Demi yelled out,


Ugh, That was such an ugly word. Plus, that wasn’t even what I was doing. I had no intention of going all the way with Demi. I had a plan to see if she wanted to, even if she wouldn’t say so, which I know doesn’t make much sense, but it will. Also, I would never completely take advantage of such a sweet girl, even if she did keep yelling rape.

I backed away and found a scarf which I tied around her mouth so that she could still make noise, but couldn’t say words. This was pretty selfish of me and I still feel bad about it. I blame it on her ass, that thing was hypnotizing.

She started to cry which made me feel even worse, but I had to keep going. I gently licked some of the tears up off her cheeks as they rolled down, which surprised her so much she stopped making noise all together. I stroked some of the hair out of her face as to calm her down.

"I won’t hurt you." I whispered, and with that I got down on my knees, with her ass in my face.

I gave both her butt cheeks good solid licks, panties and all, starting from her upper thigh, and ending when I hit her pajama top. I repeated this a few more times while Demi just stood there, silent.

I bunched up the bottom of her panties and squeezed some fabric into her crack, basically giving her a mild wedgie, to reveal some more skin. I gave the newly uncovered areas some kisses, bites, licks, then mixtures of all three.

When I looked up to Demi’s face I saw that she was biting down on the scarf, with her eyes closed. It looked like she was holding back a moan, which made me smile. Finally, after about five minutes on my knees, I stopped my oral ravishment.

I stood up and placed my hand insider her panties. With one finger I gently went down her ass crack, and back up the other end until I hit her pussy. It was wet.

I removed the scarft from her mouth, and asked her, “Do you want me to keep going.”

"No," she responded quickly and quietly.

I removed my hand from her panties and placed the finger that had touched her mound in my mouth. Demi tasted like a sweet lemon.

"Are you sure? You’re quite wet."

"Please just let me go," she pleaded, not acknowledging her body’s arousal.

I sighed and unhooked her cuffs Like I said, I wasn’t going to go all the way, she was just too sweet of a peron. She got back into her original clothing lightning fast and jetted out of the room, leaving all the clothes she wanted to buy behind.

I was sad to see her go, but mainly I was craving some kind of release. I rarely ever masturbate and didn’t want to at this point.

So, even though she had already done her monthly duty, I texted Molly to come to room 10.

She opened the door to see me lying on the ground, my dress still on, but my legs open with no panties. She was smiled, blushed, and stared at my pussy. There were a couple rules for when Molly ate me out. The first was that she had to be naked, which she promptly became within seconds of entering the door. The others were that she couldn’t do anything besides eat me out(meaning no fingers, no rubbing herself, no kissing afterwards, etc.)

Molly lay down on her stomach and went straight to lapping at my mound. She was pretty good for someone that has had such little experience. The first time she had tried on me was only her second attempt at orally pleasing a woman, and I had to teach her as she went and fake my orgasm to not hurt her feelings. I still had never come for real when she was the one trying to make me.

Now though, she had gotten better. For about two minutes she explored my lips as I gave out these sort of half moans half exhales. Then she started sucking my clit the way I had shown her and I started moaning for real. I looked down to see the Molly’s fire red hair, her eyes fixated on my lower regions.

As she continued I pulled my dress off over my head, which was another special treat for her considering it was now the first time she had gone down on me while I was completely naked. She finally looked up to see me, moaning and squeezing my own breasts and nipples. I closed my eyes and thought about licking Paula, and Demi’s perfect butt, and finally, for the first time because of Molly, I came, thinking about my young college student customers.

Molly knew not to stay afterwards, so she got ready quickly and left. I felt like sleeping right there on the carpet. Too bad it was closing time.

As I walked to my car at the end of the day, I thought about what the future held in store, mainly in regards to Demi. Little did I know that my life was about to get a whole lot more fun, and a whole lot more complicated. I didn’t know about the submissive/dominating fun I would be having with various people. I didn’t know that, in my near future, I would be spending time in one of the condos in the complex a block away. And I definitely didn’t know how my personal life would soon shake up.

But, at the time, I just thought about Demi and if I would ever see her again.

I did.